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TTA Episode 073: Tainted Heart

~The TTA Season 3 Finale, a full-length 30-minute flash movie! Check out the official website to see the bloopers, trailer, art gallery and plenty more!~

Part 4 of the 4-part Season 3 finale! At long last, our heroes make it to the heart of TOME's system, where Motherboard, the living A.I. of the virtual world, lies dormant, infected to the brim by the D-Bug's purple flames...Alpha, Zetto and Ruri stand tall to cleanse her of her infection and prevent the deaths of many innocent lives playing the game at this very moment. Kirbopher and the rest of Alpha's team discover a strange secret underground, and are given an unexpected visit from someone...and the members of the Purple Flame may not be out of the game just yet, unless the Ranks of Sanctuary step in! The most important battle yet is at hand, and it's one that Ultimate Creature II can NOT win alone! Check out the incredible conclusion to Season 3 of TTA!


I don't get the ending...

The ending to rhis makes no sense to me...like what happens to GC? Does he keep his look? what happens to everyone on TOME? and what becomes of the former shadow clone of Alpha? You left to many questions unanswered!!! Does that mean your doing another season?

Kirbopher responds:

Look in the background of the credits.

Nice to see this already here.

I already reviewed this on your site, and only wrote this to thank you for using ''DARK CHEST OF WONDERS'' By: ''NIGHTWISH''! WOOT! GO FINLAND! Ahem...

You proved me wrong.

At first I kept seeing TTA having the blue highlight, saying it's good, and I just didn't even bother to look at it. I clicked in, saw that your movie didn't even have an icon for the movie, and I didn't bother watching. It was just yesterday that I was bored and I looked at it and I was truly amazed.
Yes it was a sprite movie, yes it didn't have any voice acting, but it was VERY well done. The character speaking I presume you drew which was good. This one you had voice acting which was GREAT. No messed up mics, you can tell the emotions of the characters. Awesome. And that one mix between sprite and actual animation amazed me. You are, from what I've seen, THE FIRST artist to mix it in like that and I think it's amazing. Yes, the graphics that you drew for the animation could be better, but there were times when the animation and character graphics were great, and other times you could see flat, no depth drawings. But it was still good.
Also, you're one of the few that updates the series SO FAST. I see at least 2 episodes a day!
I'm amazed. Astounded. You deserve a standing ovation. I'd encourage you to improve the drawings the best you can. Just work on the characters and all.

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The other day, when I was going through the portal, I first saw TTA. I was pretty skeptical at first. I thought it was just another piece of crap some kid had thrown together in 5 minutes and needed a good blamming. I could not have been more wrong.

Hands down this is one of the best flash series on Newgrounds right now. Personally I think you should get your own spot in the series section. You've made me into a huge fan.

Can't wait for the next season.

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So much more than the sum of its parts...

I just came across this series a while ago, expecting it to be "just another sprite battle." Instead, I was surprised to find a fun and original story, that only grew more complex as the episodes passed. I was instantly addicted, and I lost about a week's worth of my free time just catching up with the series on NG.

Needless to say, 073.2 is wasily the best episode yet. The animation, voices and story keep getting better. I'd immagine it keeps on imrpoving throughout 2007 as Kirbopher and the other contributors continue to hone their skills, but I haven't seen the newer episodes yet. (I don't dare google this series, for fear that I'll lose another week of my life! I'll just digest the new epsiodes as they show up one by one on NG, thank you.)

For the rest of this review, I'll not only be reviewing this episode, but also the series as a whole.

Art & Animation: What began as a series of recolored sprite rips has grown into so much more. Even compared to the other "movie" episodes, this ep. stands out as another step forward. Pixelly line art has given way to anime-influenced vectors and chunky motion tweens. He still has a way to go before anyone will be comparing this series to Bitey, but he gets closer every time he does a toon segment. The simple pixel fight sequences featured in the rest of the series are great, too, and they keep getting better over time.

Style, Theme, and Concept: This is where this series scores big. Kirbopher has taken the concept of VR and run with it. To be honest, I'm not sure how much of the credit to give the marshmallow himself... he's probably gotten one character design each from a ton of his friends, and they all seem to have created their character by modifying a classic video game sprite. Nevertheless, the differences vastly outweigh the simmilarities, and with each redesign the characters become a bit more original. More to the point, the world of TOME is vast and complex, yet familiar. Somehow he creates the illusion that these recycled game graphics really are part of an MMO, and the backgrounds evolve as the characters do, with a fresh coat of paint every season. (Except perhaps for :purplecave. But hey, the simplicity is almost a hallmark of the region by now.)

Story: What was once a simplistic BDZ ripoff has blown through an anime phase, an afterschool special phase, and with this episode touches on new emotional territory... Hope. You don't get a lot of emotional stuff on NG or on the internet in general, and the last place I expected to shed a tear was on the MMO Battle Sequence Show. But it's there, and it's well-executed. I wholeheartedly support this type of writing! Placing it at the end of the episode as a quick, poignant twist was probably a good idea, as it can quickly become sappy and annoying if the writers drag it out.

Having played Second Life, I can tell you that a real MMO that allows the user full creativity would NEVER end up as something this interesting, this colorful, or this fun. Instead you'd see all the male characters looking like professional wrestlers and all the female characters looking like barbiedolls, ugly malls and casinos covering the entire landscape, everyone complaining about the lag, real creativity being stifled by peer pressure and stamped out by capitalism, fears of crossplaying (which were briefly touched upon, way back in Ep. 1) Premium Membership tolls, and of course, trolling, griefing, spamming, and flame wars.

I can only assume that for the same of telling an optimistic story about a utopian MMO VR game of the future, Kirbopher has chosen to rule that Motherboard, the Netkings, and the Moderators have delt with all of these issues. But if Motherboard is truly joined with the minds of all logged-in users, based on what I've seen in Second Life, you'd think she'd be a LOT nastier and more corrupted by the thoughts of her user-base than by any virus. But of course, that's Kirbopher's call, as author. My job is to suspend my disbelief, and enjoy. :)

Overall: Great show. More please! :)

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Kirbopher responds:

I appreciate your thoughts on the series as a whole, and I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! This is the last episode to date, but there are other TTA-related things you can find on my website, including details about my next TTA movie like this one, so check that out. I DID create all of the character designs, although a very small few of them were designed by other people, and some of them are completely original and not based on people I knew from TvTome. I'm looking ahead in order to constantly improve my animation skills, just as I have with TTA in itself. Thank you very much for the review!

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