TTA Episode 073

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TTA Episode 073: Tainted Heart

~The TTA Season 3 Finale, a full-length 30-minute flash movie! Check out the official website to see the bloopers, trailer, art gallery and plenty more!~

Check out Part 2 here: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/371621

Part 4 of the 4-part Season 3 finale! At long last, our heroes make it to the heart of TOME's system, where Motherboard, the living A.I. of the virtual world, lies dormant, infected to the brim by the D-Bug's purple flames...Alpha, Zetto and Ruri stand tall to cleanse her of her infection and prevent the deaths of many innocent lives playing the game at this very moment. Kirbopher and the rest of Alpha's team discover a strange secret underground, and are given an unexpected visit from someone...and the members of the Purple Flame may not be out of the game just yet, unless the Ranks of Sanctuary step in! The most important battle yet is at hand, and it's one that Ultimate Creature II can NOT win alone! Check out the incredible conclusion to Season 3 of TTA!


Kibopher make these into games FULL games!

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I absolutely have loved this series. I started watching after discovering TOME, and watched the current four episodes. Looking for more, I found this amazing series.
This was an amazing work of art, I've watched all the videos in a short period of time, and have enjoyed every moment, and hope that the continuation lives just as long, if not longer than this. I love your guys's work, amazing is what it all comes down to.

Also, if anyone knows where I can find the TTA Movies, will they kindly let me know?

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Fuckin epic.

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Mmkay, I notice a few people have questions about Alphazet so here goes:
@FrostbiteX: Alphazet first appears in the TTA Movie (which is NOT on NG, it WAS on tta.fireball20xl.com, along with the 3 other opening sequences, but that part of the site no longer exists from what I can tell). They use him to defeat the virus, Flux (who is referenced in the Season 2 finale).
@blazingtornado1: Alpha and Zetto DO work sort of like that. Basically when their characters are merged, so are their consciousnesses, allowing Alphazet to take combined feedback from the two of them. Essentially he has BOTH of their thought processes to draw from, which helps to explain how he can make such complex and origional moves (twice the thought process = twice the reaction and planning speed).
I plan on checking youtube later for the missing animations but I fear my efforts will meet with failure. Either way, hope this helps some of you guys understand a bit better why it doesn't seem like everything is here or how some things seem glossed over.
TTA and TOME ftw.

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wait when does Alphazet first appear? cuz i've seen every episode so far

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