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FIRST OFF: if you liked this check out my first one http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/358445 .this flash took some time so i hope all of you like it, it is a Frame by Frame animation thats not supposed to make sense so don't try to make sense out of it,lol, In my opinion sometimes the more tripy the better and i think i followed this rule every step of the way of making this.lol. Iv been trying to establish a art style for 5 years and i finally think i got one, if you look at the rest of my animations (not including faces of creation) they all suck. i used to way over use ,and i whent from over using tweening to not using it at all in a movie, MOVIE INFO: FPS 30, Frames 1776, time making not shore.


Keep trying

Do't listen to them keep trying


I love random stuff, and I don' care if it doesn't make any sense, the problem is that this flash just isn't entertaining. Be more creative with it.

caboos1 responds:

...i try my best lol, im thinking about giving up iv been practicing for 5 years and i still suck. and wors than most of those newbs with the trial to.:( well ill try next time


It's not horrible, but it needs alot of work. Random motion tweens and frame by frame with no rhyme or reason aren't exactly immpresive. Also it was a bad choise of music. Keep workin on it.

caboos1 responds:

well if you didn't like that kind of flash why did you watch it, i said what it was first off, also the music is all opinion and just cause you don't like dusnt mean its a bad choice of music i like it and i bet allot of people will like it to, also its not correctly timed with the flash cause it lagged a little,but thanks for your honest opinion i wasn't making fun of you or being pissey, or trying to be a jerk, thanks for the review :)

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2.73 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2007
4:07 PM EDT
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