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Gay Banana: Episode 1!

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April Fools! We're actually fully aware that this is crap, so you can stop calling us faggots now.


Ahem, well what can I say.....

It was random, definately random, I think that's why I liked it. The whole fiasco of a banana out to avenge his parents death, then all of the cliche scenes and the characters had me laughing for ages. One point to make though is that while I like random stuff, this was really far-fetched, I mean if you want others to actually understand the whole principal better, you could try to compicate the plot more. Additionally, the title says that this is episode one, how can there be further episodes if he commits suicide? The graphics were that of a classic flash and I liked that, though many of the character designs were totally weird and obscure, next time you could try and make things just a little more complcated and slightly longer.

Still, I have to say it, though many will come to hate me for it, this was some seriously funny shit! Keep up the world of random intentions!!!!

hehehe.. giant penis

that penis had big balls... Anyhoo funny animation, not that much time put into the actual animating but it was hilarious gimme more gay bananas! (or apples)


I found that quite funny, although I was like WTF? at the beginning.

? ????? ??? ? ?????

wow, there are a lot of stupid assholes on newgrounds. if people weren't so afraid of watching anything with gay content, maybe they'd laugh a little.

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Very Nice

I gotta say, this is pretty damn good. The humor's great, the satire's amazing, and by the way: BETTER THAN SPONGEBOB. How that show got so popular is beyond me.

Again, quite good.

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2.65 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2007
10:03 AM EDT
Comedy - Original