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Apr 1, 2007 | 9:08 AM EDT

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UPDATE: Download the remastered song from

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Yo Guys! Just like to say thanks a heap to everyone who voted for us over at Aniboom! Hania and I are off to LA in Feburary :)

Our hits were more than twice that of the runners up, and we owe much of that to the support from the Newgrounds community. THANKS GUYS!!!

- James and Hania

Created for the 'Aniboom Eyedoll' competition. You can vote for my film here: ayer.aspx?v=9772

If I win I can get funding for my own series, or see an animation agent in LA. That would indeed rock. Votes are greatly appreciated :) All of the animation and music was completed in under a month. My girlfriend made the music, I'm sure she'd love to hear feedback if anyone has any. You can email her at hania_zdunkiewicz@hotmail .com if you're after a musician for your animations etc (depending on how her schedule looks). Enjoy the film and don't forget to vote! :D ayer.aspx?v=9772

Update: Wow! Daily Feature AND front page! Thanks so much to the community for your support! I didn't think the film will get anywhere as much exposure as it's had. Thanks a heap! A few people have commented that the ending feels rushed.
Yeah, it was, I feel your pain :( We had to keep the animation under 1 minute, so it went for 59. 9 seconds. Depending on how the competition turns out, we might have another 5 or 6 seconds to add to it at the end, and another 10 to the beginning.

I'm working on another Flash at the moment, something much bigger in scale. I'll keep the details fairly quiet, but I'm gonna be working hard on it over the next 8 to 9 months.

Popstar was completed in under a month, so hopefully it'll be 8 to 9 times better! Thanks again for all the reviews, and all the votes at aniboom! :)

******** LYRICS FOR POPSTAR*********
So you wanna be a popstar
Do you have what you will need
A set of big bazookas and an ass no one can see
No voice required
No brains nor style,
If you are smart, stardom may take a while...

You're a doll.
A puppet with strings.
If they say 'fly' you better get yourself some wings.
Do you even know what literally means?
(of course you don't)
You're a pop star to be - a pop star to be...
SO you wanna become famous?
Put your face on TV?
Well first you have to pay a writer,
Then learn how to groove - hang on -
Don't groove, Just stick your ass out and move
(hopefully to the beat)
And then smile that perfect smile -
Made by computers.

You are now a popstar
No effort involved!
Fireworks! Stage Performers!
And now behold your fans
People just like you
Sucked in by your boobs ...
Oh how cool!
You're a Popstar...
You're a Popstar...



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how truthful

So truthful! I can be a popstar (even though I Andromeda-Io, am a fatty.) Just as long as I am fake and mostly plastic surgery. I think the video portrays the cons of stardom too, always expecting the star to be perfect always trying to improve them. Must fuck people up.
By the way I love Hania.


Rated 5 / 5 stars




Rated 5 / 5 stars

Alrighty people...

Okay so as I'm reading the comments after this amazing video I'm getting pissed. Specifically those standing up for stardom. Yes they are people and no I don't feel bad they are judged, scandle in today's world is the equivalent to popularity so truely go ahead and feel sorry for them as they manage to stay at the top of the charts becuase of your sympathy. I guarentee to their big pile of cash you are nothing!
Now that that rant is done I have to give serious props to Hania and James another great one you guys keep up the solid work!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

what kosiar100 said...

is not frikin true.

because being a popstar- or even a celebrity is no exaggeration.

you go on tv, you lose your privacy and the people that hate you will just make rumours and false accusations about you just to make money- -- the greatest examples: Micheal Jackson, being called a Paedophile and Lady gaga harbouring a secret penis.

people misunderstand other people, and celebrities-- deep down, are just people. They're lives are exaggerated by the tabloids and their generilization is true mainly because fame is hard to maintain and one single slip-- everything will fall apart.

i give this a perfect score, mainly because the song, and what the whole animation is trying to portray is true-- that popstars these days have no talent-- morals or value these days--- and that impacts other people-- especially children.

sure, being a popstar isn't all that bad, but when you weigh the pros and cons--- the biggest factor there is ultimately the amount of privacy and respect that people will be giving you. Being famous, you're always going to be on a constant watch and every one will always be judging every single thing you do.

so- what kosiar said.. is something he obviously hasn't thought about.. maybe he wants to be famous himself.. but... who knows..

on another note-- HANIA-- I LOVE YOUUUUU <3

how come your voice was so high ;_;??

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

. . .

exaggeration and generalization concentrated on negative, 5 for the effort