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Perfectus Volatus

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Thank you for the frontpage and the driving games collection everyone.
I'm sorry if the game came out sucked to some of the people, I've made an updated version to cover up most of the complains people made in the reviews, including the camera scaling.
Most people found this game hard because your suppose to hold DOWN (brake) and slow down before hitting a corner, and then accelerate again to turn safely.
Can you master 4 different cars in 6 different tracks?
A racing game where you will have to avoid the bad obstacles and walls while watching the time limit closely, as both will cause your car to explode.
2 months and a half of my life is dedicated for making this game. I hope you found this game addictive as I do too!
Feedbacks, opinions and comments are much appreciated. I'll try to reply all of them and take them into considerations if I am making a sequel out of this game.


Needs improvement.

I think this game is good but it needs some things.

First off, the "Shock" and the "Viper" need to have their difficulties switched, because the shock drives easier.

Also, the first and second track should too.

Other than that, great game!


Its on the frontpage...Must be good!
Not really...
I didnt even finish a race before closing it.

There are many games like this each with their own ups and downs.. But yours is pretty much at the bottum.

No speed..No special tricks..
My complaint that caused me to close it is that when you run over a checkpoint it blanks the screen while THE CAR IS STILL MOVING! Maybe have a green or white text popup on the top of the flash screen?

Im not expecting a million dollar production but take a look at Intiail D - Drift stage, under Driving.. Thats an alright game of this style.. Play it a few times and maybe you can get some ideas for another version. Also search "Drift Game" on Google and find the xbox/marshall tires game.. Thats a GREAT game!

Spend a bit more time on it..maybe make it a little harder too while your at it, like messing with the steering so you have some slide if you go too fast(maybe make them faster, too)? Or make it so the faster you go the less steer abbility you have.. Anything is better than 100% stable steering.

Practice the next version with your friends and family.. When they get pissed off playing it and still want to try again.. Then it is complete, job well done! Watch how fast your friends are able to do it and ask for suggestions and comments too.


this is a very average game... nothing new or special


it was a ok game. the different cars didnt have much difference and the gameplay wasnt very exciting.

It was ok

Got boring and repetitive very quickly though

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3.17 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2007
2:17 AM EDT
Sports - Racing