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http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/408225
Indestruc2Tank is out! Play it at the above link. Let this old man rest, he's deserved his retirement...

Itank 1 was brought to you by the good people at Antony Lavelle Industries And Joel Atkinson inc.


addicting, looking forward to version 2

I liked this alot, but there are a few things I would like to see changed/added in version 2

Firstly you can run out of fuel in the air, you could add fuel pickups which top up your fuel.

Add some bumps/ramps to the landscape (not big, just to give it more depth) because its just all a flat surface.

Id like to be awarded some points for doing 360s flips in the air and other stuff like that.

Skins - add some unlockable skins to change the way your tank looks

Ability to save progress. Or have level passwords.

If you added just some of that stuff (mostly fuel pickups and the ability to save progress) it would make the game alot better : )

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I liked it

yeah like it says in the title... i enjoyed it

i have a few issues/suggestions however

the first being that i ran out of fuel in the air with a 20+ combo before being allowed to land it

very frustrating

another thing is the pausing after 'inactivity'

at times i was sat waiting for enemies to appear so yes i was 'inactive' but i was still there if you get me... twas just an annoyance that it decided to pause whilst i was sat waiting

it also paused sometimes while i was actually playing.. maybe look into that a little bit

but yeah, overall i really enjoyed the game and the style

oh, and perhaps a save feature is in order, so that when you die you dont have to start all over

Nice Job.

Great game,

I love it! But the only things are that are annoying are that you can die in the air. Especialy on later levels. And I have to read the explanation every time I play it.

A lot more fun than i thought it would be.

Great job. honestly, Smashing! (no pun intended) however, one quirk that seemed to get me.

Your fuel refills at the level mark. Your tank explodes when there's no fuel, even if it's int eh middle of a combo. if you ever decide to re-do this submission, i'd suggest making it so that it would tally up your combo before you explode. i had enough to make it to the next level. :-)

It was...okay

I love simple games but this may have been a little too simple. It didn't keep me occupied as long as I hopped it would. Don't get me wrong though, it's still a pretty fun game. You did a nice job!

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Mar 31, 2007
4:12 PM EDT
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