Arfenhouse Teh Movie 7

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You thought Arfenhouse was over?
You thought wrong!

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Even as an <cite>April Fool's</cite> gag, this was pretty much as bland and unimaginative as possible. Clearly, you were trying too hard... that, or not hard <strong>enough</strong>... to try and capture the perfect blend of bat$h!t randomness that was the actual <cite>Arfenhouse</cite> series.

tl;dr Don't do any more <cite>Arfenhouse</cite>.

Carbonwater responds:

This was made back in 2007.
If I wanted to make more stuff like this, I would have made it by now.

... and they say that the eye is still zooming in to this day...

Kind of disapointing that this isn't an official sequel to one of the greatest flash series of all time, and that it is even included in the Arfenhouse collection.

die u bastard!or just make a porno!

Four, because it's a little short for an Arfenhouse movie. Other than that, good job - really captured the heart and soul of a well-written, well-thought-out and truly inspirational series.

Wow Carbonwater, you have officially raped the Arfenhouse name.