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Phoenix Wright - All Mixed Up

UPDATE: WOW! Daily 4th AND in the PW Collection. Thanks guys!!!

A joint production of Raven Animations and Mixed Bag Comics.

Due to technical issues, there aren't any credits in the movie. Here they are:

Idea/Direction - LowResAtari
Animation - MarcusRaven

Sound Credits

-The Batman - The Big Dummy-
-Power Rangers Theme-
-The Legend of Zelda: The Animated Series-
-Batman - Adam West-
-Stone Sour - Made of Scars-
-The Lazer Collection-
-Judge Dredd-
-Stephen Lynch - Lullaby-
-Robot Chicken-
-Just2Pale - Satan Prank Call-
-YuGiOh The Abridged Series-
-SongsToWearPantsTo- (Visit SongToWearPantsTo.com for more!)
-Just2Pale - Michael Jackson's Chocolate Factory-
-Pablo Fancisco - Little Tortilla Boy-

You can read LowResAtari's comic, Mixed Bag Comics, at
DrunkDuck.com/MixedBagCom ics/
Raven Animations is located at
You can also read MarcusRaven's comic, Dollhouse, at

That's all the plugs I have. Enjoy.


Needs sound normalization

First off, I'll say that this was well-put-together, and pretty funny. I like the use of stand-up comedy clips in there, it was very original.

My biggest complaint is the sound- some clips were quiet, some were loud, some were acceptable quality some were not. I know you probably downloaded the sound clips from various sources, and the kbps quality was not really controllable, but the output level should be. I hate having to turn up my speakers and then get blasted at the following clip.


MarcusRaven responds:

We'll keep that in mind for possible future installments. Most of our clips were recorded through Audacity with the Wave Mix feature, so it recorded what the computer "heard." I know what you're saying and we'll see what we can do in the future. Thanks. ^_^


you might not believe me but with all the phoenix you made i watched it 641 TIMES. the other one the sound was kinda messed up but this better. keep going you might get ending up with 1st place!

MarcusRaven responds:

Um, this is hte first Phoenix we've done. You do know that, right? Not all Phoenix movies are made by one person. >.< Anyway, thanks...I think?


Enough with the pheonix wrong/wrights!
I lost interest in them a LONG time ago...
Who started this thing anyways?

This movie was aite though! I liked the batman bit at the start
Thats why i rated this a 3/5

Try to make something else next time ok! hehe...

"DADDY like rubbing against lil boys on the bus" ROFL!!
^_^ Ok must admit that was CLASS!


I liked it!
Espacially because of the reference to YGO Abridged Series, nice job! xD

Omg i know most of those

OMg you had almost all my favoritw shows in there! i love the abridged series by little kuriboh *sp* teh 2 comics you had i remember then from comidy central, specially teh singing one, he has alot of cd's look them up some are really funny. i like how most of the adio you had where eitehr popular at one time or are underground/ online hits! keep up teh good work.

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4.03 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2007
11:33 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 4th Place April 1, 2007