- Spin Swim - {Blue}

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***Note in case of teh laggies, press SPACE and adjust your quality***

Coolio-Niato and I bring you the 4th addition to the series, Spin Swim is the followup to Red, with a new highly anticipated Blue theme!

Ideas for new additions to the series are always appreciated so drop us a PM anytime


Graphics - Coolio-Niato
AS Coding - Donutmaster
Music - CornandBeans


nice simple games

i like these games, it has a great style to it and is nice and simple. yet i definatly agree with others that it needs more to it as it has very little replay value for me.
however, that doesnt make it a crap game. who needs to play a game every day for it to be a good game?
i hope you are building up to make a game which has all these mini games in one, id love to see that and so would many of these reviewers.

make a new concept

You made 3 the same games, don't bother making a green or something it's really getting boring. I usually love your games and I liked the first one, but this is way too easy and you didn't really put much effort in it; same sounds, same menu, same concept.

first think of a good concept before you post a game,


Needs Something new.

It's far too repetitive, stop spamming the portal with this stuff, or at least add something new, it's too overdone.

pretty good

it was an alright game, although your series is getting repetitve, and i bet the last guy gave it such a bad score because he didnt know how to play it good :P

Really challenging, just like all the others

The - spin series has been perhaps the most challenging set of games I have ever played. I love them, and they've made my curious. DonutMaster, what is that song that plays during your introduction? I must have it.

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3.96 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2007
11:06 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid