- Spin Swim - {Blue}

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***Note in case of teh laggies, press SPACE and adjust your quality***

Coolio-Niato and I bring you the 4th addition to the series, Spin Swim is the followup to Red, with a new highly anticipated Blue theme!

Ideas for new additions to the series are always appreciated so drop us a PM anytime


Graphics - Coolio-Niato
AS Coding - Donutmaster
Music - CornandBeans


I love this series

The next one should be purple, and mabye in eygpt or a jungle.

Great (Again)

These games are always great, and you should always keep making ore. I only see one problem in the seiries, though. Since the first game, the difficulty of the games have gotteneasier and easier. You should definetly make more, just put more difficulty in them!

How to be a master...

all you gotta do is turn your keyboard the way the screen starts spinning right?

anyway, it is a great game nice theme, style it's all good, also y really nice series, not sure how to make more, but keep making them there all fun!


Tip 1: (to the people) If you don't like the sound....TURN YOUR FUCKING SPEAKERS DOWN!

Tip 2: (to you) Maybe a faster ,oving character for this....kinda slow... very nice though.

Very good

probably the easiest of them all which is good because i find them pretty hard usually. probably because this one only needs 2 directions which is easier to get the hang of. Great style, I love how you keep the same look to it the whole series but different colour. music, good. I just found that the text and warning arrows leave a faint white square in the centre of the screen. But good overall, keep them coming (until your run out of ideas, heh.)

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3.96 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2007
11:06 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid