- Spin Swim - {Blue}

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***Note in case of teh laggies, press SPACE and adjust your quality***

Coolio-Niato and I bring you the 4th addition to the series, Spin Swim is the followup to Red, with a new highly anticipated Blue theme!

Ideas for new additions to the series are always appreciated so drop us a PM anytime


Graphics - Coolio-Niato
AS Coding - Donutmaster
Music - CornandBeans


pretty good.

very good....hey!i have an idea!spin rock!you must play the guitar
with your arrow keys while the screen is spinning.


make a spin ummm RPG?(yellow?) where its an rpg but when u enter battle its real time right and screen spins now and then?

Awesome game series!

This is an awesome series! Normally, I wouldn't try to give you ideas, but everyone else is XD

How about something like 'Spin Defense' Where you have to block incoming beams with a sheild by using the arrow keys, but its spinning too.

Or 'Spin Maze' where you need to traverse a maze whilst it's spinning. That'd be pretty hard :D

10/10 and 5/5 for the series, not just this game.

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Awesome Again

A great addition to the series :)

My ideas for the next:

Spin Tunnel
Going down a tunnel (Forward) and able to rotate 360 degrees around in a circle going down the tunnel.

Spin Dash
A combination of Yellow and Green. The player must run to the right using platforms and such to get past walls all the while the left of the screen is chasing him. If the left wall reaches him, game over.

Spin Spike
The player must dodge incoming spikes! Either by ducking, jumping or other.

P.S Coolio, your games are AWESOME! I hope you win the rock out competition. So far, you're definately doing the best in my opinion :)

I personally have a few concepts I'd like to share =D

Nice games, very cool.

The graphics and style are very nice. It is also addictive. I like the smooth gameplay, as well as how the games are all linked.

I also have some ideas:

1. Spin Strike -
Punching falling rocks
2. Spin Swerve -
Driving down a curving road, not hitting the edges
3. Spin Suit -
Moving through a tunnel with a jetpack, like the helicopter game
4. Spin Sweep -
Sweeping dirt away from the floor to go down, not hitting rocks
5. Spin Spit -
Spitting fireballs at angles to melt falling ice
6. Spin Slide -
Sliding down a rapid stream jumping over rocks
7. Spin Swing -
Swinging over a pit on vines

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3.96 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2007
11:06 PM EDT
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