Jokes at the Bar Ep. 5

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Woo! This is my 5th episode in 5 days! Hope you guys like it! Remember, these are supposed to be really stupid. Don't forget to check out my other stuff, and most importantly: Review!



Man, so far these have all made me laughed. 5 episodes were jokes that were funny because the jokes were so lame, and one of the jokes actually was funny. (lol this one's funny because its so lame: Q: What's red and looks like a bucket A: A Red Bucket! that was actually kind of funny because it was so lame XD!! hmm imma give you 10 because i can. rofl xD. (10 violence is for number 6, which aint that violent but meh i don't care!) Least you care bout your posts, because most people who post stuff on this don't reply to the reviews made on their own submission. it's dumb that they don't, either they just forget, don't have time, or don't really care what people really think of their work. If i put something in i'd want to see what people think of it. Keep up the good work. Keep them lame jokes coming. :D

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Karnovor responds:

I will, man! Thanks for the reviews, I appreciate them. :)


Hmmmm. Yea, it is a movie not a game D: . Or have i missed something?

But um.. Haha they're drunk! Beer,beerbeerbeerbeerbeer. :o

Karnovor responds:

Description. Read it, Newgrounds put me in the GAMES section by an accident.

Your lucky im nice

Dude im kind on all my ratings even for krappy movies ok?
but thats the point it's a movie not a game whats the reason for putting it here?

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Karnovor responds:

Newgrounds fucked up. Read the description.


That's all I can say. It was awesome.

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Karnovor responds:

Thanks, man :) Everyone else is being gay because this is in the games section.


I Liked the flash, and thought it was pretty funny
can't wait for episode #6

Keep It Real

Karnovor responds:

Thank you! :)
6 is coming out in about an hour.
(It's basically the same as #1 with a different joke. I'm lazy, you know?)

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Mar 30, 2007
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