Fun With The Wii!

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Yup. It's short, just like the rest of my flash movies. Sorry, I've got a very short attention span. I would make this longer, but I've begun to hate working on this thing, 'cause it's freakin' HARD! Not to mention it's taking forever to complete. So I cut out all the crap that sucks, and left in only the stuff that I really like. I just threw the music in there, because it's a pretty cool song; so you may notice that it doesn't quite fit the flash. But whatever. Enjoy (if possible).



I couldn't be able to do that in a year...you are a fast worker...and it attacked the Crappy Wii.......sounds like a French thing, like we we!.....

irrelivent responds:

Thanks for the review, but again, this isn't attacking anything. Although, if that's your interpretation, (and it got me a high score) that's fine with me! But seriously, I'm NOT anti-Nintendo, and nor am I a fanboy of any sorts (I own both a Wii and a 360). I think I'm going to have to post a disclaimer now! Lol...

great shot flash

hey its nice to see a quality fals out of the last 100 jun flashes i blammed... you get a 5 keep them commin and ill keep voting

irrelivent responds:

Wow. Best first review I've ever gotten. Thanks!


that was cute.. plus blood makes me giggle so thats a plus. nice.


that was off the hizzi urine mang... (JEsste)

great flash

Even though this flash was short, its graphics are extremely great, crafted nicely and as if someone had used a canvas on your mind...

the overall message confused me...so now im afraid to touch my wii mote..

overall good flash and i hope it gets the recognition it deserves

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3.43 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2007
8:01 PM EDT
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