Awesome Video Games - Ep4

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Hey Dudes and Dudettes! Ace and Chet are at it again! They have finally beaten Super Mario Bros. and it is time to move on to their next game... you guessed it. D-D-D-DUCKHUNT!

AWESOME HINT: If you want to skip ahead in the movie, you can click the tree. It will take you to all the most awesome parts of the movie!

AWESOME WARNING: This is a video flash, so it's uber huge dudes! If you have a gnarly connection, you may wanna pass on this one.

Stay awesome!


I love these guys

Plain and simple this is brilliant keep up the great work i look forward to more of this.

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awesome video games is awesome

I can't believe how good that was! some reviewers are morons but oh well. its like bill and ted meets waynes world! keep it up.

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Are you done?

Are you done potraying gamers to be pussies? Real gamers play hardcore games like F.E.A.R.... Not Mario. Why didn't you just shoot the ducks? They're only collections of pixels...

Eh? What?

This was kind of bland. I mean seriuosly, it was just not funny. Nor, was it violent. I was expecting a flash movie, but I get something that just doesn't seem to fit.

Graphics: I loved the sprites and animation. But, those pixilated parts with the aligator were meh.
Style: Can't say much here. I didn't like the use of style.
Sound: I loved the Duck Hunt and Mario Bros background music. But, that music for the Awesome Video game skits were annoying.
Violence: Only because you were shooting ducks.
Interactivity: You had a couple different button selectons on the screen.
Humor: I smiled a couple of things. But, I couldn't laugh at all. Sorry.

man insane heavy metal

man you guys. I can just see yous smashing the set on cut. your like playing heavy metal or something. and now that STUPID INTRO MUSIC IS DRIVING ME INSANE. thats all i can hear when im at skool "Awsome video games,,,,,,,video games awsome" nicely done keep it up

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3.65 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2007
2:31 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody