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My first attempt at a flash animation. This was drawn frame by frame for my animation class!!

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neat one

for a first animation, this one here was quite nice. the drawings in this one were quite nice, pretty good use of frame-by-frame, it was cool to watch and your efforts were nice. i also noticed that this was for an animation class.... hope you got a good grade on it.


Very interesting and well put together, also doing it frame by frame must have tooken alot of work. Good job.

Deerves an A

Wow, frame by frame! That must have taken you a long time! The animationw as really good and overall it was a pretty trippy piece. If you don't get an A I'll give you my left testicle.

mizskellington responds:

lol, i did.. get an A that is.. so that won't be necessary

Very nice work.

Incredible frame-by-frame work, still a little shaky, but good nonetheless. It's a bit random and freaky too, might want to work on that. lol.

Anyway, nice job.

5 fo' jou!


Awesome frame by frame work! It' psychadeliciousnes! Freaked me out a little since I'm in this completely dark room and the wind makes eerie noises outside :)