The Fear Hole: Episode 4

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The first episode where I've employed anyone else to do a guest-monster (the same guy who does Webster does the insectoid-avian "Zolg"), and the episode I'm most satisfied with thus far. Much faster-paced and more layered than the last three.

I actually started this episode immediately after episode two, got about a minute in... and procrastinated for a year. Mid-way through the dry spell I created the "black slug" episode, but otherwise just couldn't muster the will to work in Flash.

Fortunately, this gave me time to evolve for a while before tackling the rest of it. It's my big tribute to H.P. Lovecraft, and I hope I've done that in a way you haven't seen a hundred times before.

Hopefully I'll have my fifth episode done by the end of summer...and the sixth in time for Halloween, but don't hold me to it!



The best flash movie ever!

But Should it be possible to make subtitles for every character? i sometimes don't understand what they are saying

Keep up the good work!

Scythemantis responds:

I'm not yet sure how to make that an option for the entire ep, but when I do I probably will go back and add them to each episode. Future eps should have clearer dialogue, though :)


That was the funniest mythos parodie EVER!!!

The best episode yet

The problem is; you started on such a high level of quality, that the score board isn't graded high enough to do your work justice.

BTW, did your parents read H.P.Lovecraft to you as bed time stories when you were a baby? That might explain where your sence of humour comes from.

Scythemantis responds:

No but I WAS primarily raised by The Real Ghostbusters, and the first episode I ever saw was one featuring Cthulhu :)

...he was red for some reason, and they were able to destroy him by turning a roller coaster into a giant electric fence, but it was a pretty bad-ass episode. Even had a shoggoth!


never ceases to amaze...can't wait for the next installment...


good stuff man... all 4 episodes are pretty descent... i just don't find them entertaining myself... but uhh... the sound could use a little work on the quality.... but it aint thaaaat bad....
the graphics are pretty darn goood just slightly lackin in the animation department.... just wondering thou.... how are all 4 episodes done in like 2 days? did you like work on em all at the same time? just asking cuz it just kinda seemed a little weird lol

w/e thou good work man keep it up.... ps i rated everything 10 just cuz i'm lazy 4/5

Scythemantis responds:

I actually made these episodes over the course of the past year, but didn't come to newgrounds until having just completed this fourth one :)

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Mar 27, 2007
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