The Fear Hole: Episode 4

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The first episode where I've employed anyone else to do a guest-monster (the same guy who does Webster does the insectoid-avian "Zolg"), and the episode I'm most satisfied with thus far. Much faster-paced and more layered than the last three.

I actually started this episode immediately after episode two, got about a minute in... and procrastinated for a year. Mid-way through the dry spell I created the "black slug" episode, but otherwise just couldn't muster the will to work in Flash.

Fortunately, this gave me time to evolve for a while before tackling the rest of it. It's my big tribute to H.P. Lovecraft, and I hope I've done that in a way you haven't seen a hundred times before.

Hopefully I'll have my fifth episode done by the end of summer...and the sixth in time for Halloween, but don't hold me to it!


lol thats funny

my eggs are haching into mice lol

The retardly, omnipotent one is our new God!

This is by far the best episode from this series right now!!! You really pull this one off completely! Hell, it's so classically, well-scripted than the 3rd episode, the whole directing of each scene was well played-out, and the voice-acting cast was perfect for each character role. I especially liked the Lord's Servant Bug, he was truly original. Even the lines were very hilarous. "I want some, uh, mayonnaise." Now that was classic right there.

Excellent work!


I noticed the CHA on the moon, is that possibly a play from "The Tick"? I was just watching that today and wow thats got to be one of the funniest cartoons ever and then I saw it in your cartoon and it made me very happy. But regardless I love your cartoons keep up the great work.

Scythemantis responds:

Yeah, one of my old favorites. Chairface!!!

The fact that the center of the Earth is some sort of monster is a joke that only I seem to get from that scene, though. Sometimes I get rather stupid ideas for sight gags :P

Very funny and creative !

You have imagination,beyond words...great job!


(This review kinda applies to the entire series.)
The Fear Hole series is rather funny, and I do hope to see more episodes in the future.

Graphics: From humble beginnings, the initial art wasn't perfect, but now it's pretty good, the character design is nice.

Style: A rather humorous style, the animation is good, and the story is rather amusing.

Sound: It's not perfect, the voice acting is rather average.

Violence: It's rare, but sometimes has some rather messy effects.

Interactivity: Unless I missed an easter egg...

Humor: Rather good. Some of the jokes were pretty damn funny.

Overall: Jonathan Wojcik (A.K.A. scythemantis)'s series is quite entertaining.

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4.19 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2007
11:09 PM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Daily Feature March 29, 2007