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The Fear Hole: The Doom That Didn't Come to Sarnath

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The first episode where I've employed anyone else to do a guest-monster (the same guy who does Webster does the insectoid-avian "Zolg"), and the episode I'm most satisfied with thus far. Much faster-paced and more layered than the last three.

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Yeah, the creeping colon has a cameo! Well, as a drawing at least. I didn't like this as much as most people. I still thought it was enjoyable. It's mostly because of how the characters are pretty fun. It seemed like the plot was trying to be too complicated.

I still liked that Cthluhu like guy. He was funny. I just need to get used to these characters. I really like the weapon girl. That's a great ability or design.

awwwwwwwwwww that thing was cute i like the part when the guy was like ''i got your nose'' and the thing killed him


I like how you actually got down the way a little kid talks. "My fah-vo-rat dinosaur...is....elephants..."
I really dig Zolg's albatross tube-nose, translucent abdomen and flesh-strings around his mouth. By the way, is he a Byakhee, by any chance?
Speaking of avians, I hope this isn't the last we've seen of Professor Puddlefeet.
And my word. Does...does Dr. Weaponry actually jiggle in the opening credits? Well, that just uncurls my handlebar mustache and pops my dandy monocle clear off my eye, what what!

Scythemantis responds:

Inspired by a Byakhee, but they were supposed to have leathery wings. Insect wings were so much easier to animate in constant motion! And yes, there is jiggle.

Boy this is a late response.


Another great one! The Lord looked so cute. I couldn't stop laughing through the whole thing.
quoting the overlord "Again, Again!"