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TPS Episode 6

rated 3.59 / 5 stars
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Mar 27, 2007 | 6:38 PM EDT

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Author Comments

WARNING SPRITE MOVIE!!! So, FINALLY here it is... And it turned out NOTHNING like how I expected it to. So all I can say is: Please, oh please, if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all. I worked over 3 months on this and it came out as a disaster. I PROMISE I'll go back and fix it at a later date. But give me a break: I'm only a begginer. All I can say is enjoy... if you can.

Copyright stuff (the credits are playing up):
Sora, Ansem, Garnet and Kuja are (c) Square-Enix.
Ratchet, and Dr. Nefarious are (c) Insomniac.
Sly Cooper, and Neyla are (c) Sucker Punch.
Jak, Daxter and Errol are (c) Naughty Dog.
Jack is (c) me.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

These keep getting better.

These episodes are getting consecutively higher scores. Just listen to Shadic-89 and you'll be in the 4.00's in no time.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This was a great episode i love TPS


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


after viewing all of your current episodes i'll leave my first review. first off, the voices, sora should've had a slightly higher pitched voice actor than the one he has now (he isnt his older self after all, he's still like 14 or something). Sly isnt too bad, a little off but he still sounded good regardless. as for ratchet, at certain points in the series he sounded really gay (no offense to the voice actor). Jak, well i havn't played the game for a while, but he sounded ok. as for Jack (your character) i cant criticize the voice, seeing as its yours. but you might want to put a little more energy into your acting, you kinda have a monotone voice on occasion. make your voice go higher or lower depending on the mood Jack is in. the same can be said about the others (though some of them already do). oh BTW, Riku's voice was too low, and Kairi's voice wasn't high enough, but it's too late for that i guess.

now for the animation, it's not all that bad, but could be better. you'll want to make your custom sprite animations a little more fluid; they're just too choppy. the background was nice. oh and since you're using MMZ edited sprites for most of your characters, maybe you should go back to using the sora sprites from the first one there's bound to be a larger sprite sheet out there than the one on spriters resource (or wherever you got them). where did you get all of the custom sprites for the other characters anyway? did you make them yourself? or was there a special website that had them. and i have one suggestion for your character's image, and it's kinda bugging me. the foot that points toward the audience makes it look like he's standing on the edge of a cliff with his toes over the edge. if you could fix that problem that would be great (at least for platform background and leave it as it is for overworld background.

the storyline is ok but you need to go into more detail with it (Jack tells everyone his friend's' names but doesn't explain how he knows them). the script could use some work too. some of the lines could be made simpler and more into character depending on who is saying it. i've played their games so many times that i know exactly how they would react to what someone (or something) says or does. for instance, Sly is a little more loose with how he talks, he isnt as serious as you are portraying him, Ratchet is the other way around, he can be serious when he has to be. as for Jak, if he wants to do something, he wont ask for permission, he'll do it by force if he has to, and he can get annoyed easily (but you've done that part already). if you need help with that you could always send me the lines for the characters. just let me know.

this series isn't half bad, but i feel like you haven't tapped into your full potential yet.
keep it up, and always try to outdo yourself.

P.S. i might even audition for a part in the show, if you can tell me how. just let me know via personal message if you need another voice actor. i'm a male BTW.

KHF responds:

Well thanks for the advice. But a lot of these problems are being addressed in the later episodes. I've gotten one of my friends to look over the scripts now, so he can edit and take out what doesn't need to be in.

No matter how many times I tell people, I still get a lot of people doing voices too low for Sora, so I'm not sure that'll be changing. Sly's voice actor quit after this episode, so he has a new one in 7. Ratchet's VA hadn't played the games when I made these earlier episodes, but he has now and says he can improve it. As for me, I am working on improving my voice. I've got a better recording program now, so my lines should sound clearer in later episodes. I'm also putting more effort into it, because I'm recording my lines in my bedroom now, it's easier.

As far as story goes, I do plan on having Jack explain everything, but that won't be until episode 13.

Yes, I got those MMZ Sora, Riku and Kairi sprites from Spriter's Resource, but that was only because they had the wooden swords, I always intended to use their KH: CoM sprites. I don't remember where I got the Sly sprites. As for Ratchet and Jak, I made those myself.

Episode 7 part 1 is out now, and I've improved on a lot of things. The backgrounds no longer look like crap, and I've added in background music. I've also put in a new character.

Again, thanks for the advice; it's nice to get some constructive criticism. I was very depressed when I made these earlier episodes, and I was taking the whole thing too seriously. But now I'm feeling better, and I'm just taking it as a bit of fun, so it should be getting better in the future.

I'll keep your offer in mind, as I'm CONSTANTLY switching voice actors between episodes.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

"Wait, I want to try something. Bullsh**"

XD Oh god, Ratchet is beyond awesome. Yes, the movies are cool enough to warrant favorite characters. And Ratchet so takes the cake. Keep up the awesomeness.


Rated 4 / 5 stars



KHF responds:

That I am. Episode 7's moving VERY slowly at the moment though, college and all -_- But it'll be out... EVENTUALLY!!! XD