The Fear Hole: Pilot

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"The Fear Hole" is a comedy horror series starring three freakish scientists, their janitor, and the horrible creatures that emerge from their dimensional vortex.

This pilot episode is the first cartoon I ever created, so try to go easy on the ugly animation, poor sound quality and derivative script :)



Lol, Poke'mon PJ's...


I liked a lot about this flash, Very creative Idea, and nice characters. Voices and sound were done well, as was the animation (Especially for it being your "First Flash" ;))

Id like to see more of these


Pretty good. I'm sure I'll regret this Rating later. I'll look in to #2 later.

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I laughed, it made me cry...it was fair

Seeing as this is your first flash, you did a great job. good animation, fairly good characters, interesting plot. There was a couple of things that this movie definatly could have gone without. like the team america reference in the ending. It would have been funnier without that, or if you had put them in a different situation. There wasn't too many funny parts, but I think that will improve as your animations improve. over all, good job.

Scythemantis responds:

It wasn't a Team America reference, it was a parody of old Japanese action shows like Inframan, Kamen Rider and Super Sentai (known in the west as Power Rangers). I kinda thought that was obvious...I hope there aren't many people who think I was referencing a movie as crappy as Team America :P

Fairly shit, but it deserves a good review

This pilot was hilarous, i really think so. I know it was just made in a few seconds or so. But it was still hilarous, any dick can say this is 'The worse crap they have ever seen' but i like it, good job.

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3.83 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2007
8:06 PM EDT
Comedy - Original