The Fear Hole: Pilot

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"The Fear Hole" is a comedy horror series starring three freakish scientists, their janitor, and the horrible creatures that emerge from their dimensional vortex.

This pilot episode is the first cartoon I ever created, so try to go easy on the ugly animation, poor sound quality and derivative script :)


Why is this rated so low?

This is the first of your The Fear Whole series I've seen, and I must say I am definitely going to watch the rest. This first one is excellent - really funny. A bit more polish and practice and this could be perfect.

Could have been paced a little faster, and the voices a little clearer, but apart from that, well done!

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Scythemantis responds:

When I go back and watch this one now, it looks and sounds so awful compared to my most recent that I can't even finish it! One day I'd like to re-record and touch it up, but on the other hand I kinda like how it illustrates my progress. I'm hoping one day I can look at my most recent and be just as disgusted - I'll know I got even better! :D


I was hoping for the fear factor you touched in ants and abyssal. The humnor was good though and the animation and art the flow, everything hangs together beautifully. I do like your serious horror pieces a lot more though.

Scythemantis responds:

Yeah, I'd like to have a fair amount of horror eventually, at least as much as comedy attempts! My original plan for the Fear Hole was to combine comedy with genuinely frightening monsters and situations but it might have turned out too big of a mess :)

If this is crap...

...then it is positively amazing. I love this. The best was the creepy colon by far.

nice one

woot more...!

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Turtle toasters, Resident Evil Tyrants, the casual hot female scientist. It's all ingredients for win in my book.

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3.83 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2007
8:06 PM EDT
Comedy - Original