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(happy now)

Update: 4/19/07
Tom, thanks man. Thanks for adding this to Art forum collabs.

Update: 4/12/07
Do to loads of complaints yall now got what you wanted. A next button. The text should be fine now. But im still keeping the old film thing.

This had to be told. There are to many Art Forum Collabs that are not made and everyone goes through the work for nothing.

please tell me if it runs TOO fast
i had to increase the frame rate
when submiting it to make it look
better. Originally the FPS was 30 but i made it
35... or 38... because it ran slow in explorer.

If the flash is too slow for you
then lower the quality

Vote Fairly!

sorry if its not a masterpiece but this was suppost to be a quick project. ok? thats all. this is just something i threw together in a few days.
I can do better then this though.

The message had to be told.
Please let others know if you want



It was alright, the message went through

You should have added a Next button

DrClay responds:

Alright Alright!
you people got what you want now.

I just added a next button now.
Now is it good?

Not the greatest..

I mean.. I didn't really like the art, and the 'old film' look was a bit epileptic..

But the message needed to be said.

Good job.

DrClay responds:

i know the art aint all "masterpiece like" but i wanted to finish it asap. i finished it in 3 days. thanks for watching though. Sorry bout the
"old film" look... i guess its bad to rush isnt it?

Cool but

I think I'm gonna have an epileptic fit wahhhh

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DrClay responds:

sorry bout that... i wanted it to look like an old film... guess it didnt work out, if you want i'll get rid of that or atleast put a seasure warning

Good Message

The massage was clear, and you made some really good points. The text was too fast at one point, but overall it was very informative.

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Very informative!

You make some excellent points there DrClay, its true, art collabs are being neglected and abandoned all of the time. This flash will definitively spread the awareness of whats going on in the art forum and make collabs more reliable. Thank you for making this flash, it will surely benefit loads of artists.

By the Way, I thought that the text animation was pretty good and some of the effects you used there were great!

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Mar 26, 2007
5:24 PM EDT