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-Letter Effects 3 Redone-

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A Time Wasting game that is quite addictive if you ask me! Sorry about the big file size. I have 3 Full length songs in there and a few short sounds. I will replace them if I am not aloud to do this.Keep on trying with the sounds, eventually you will get 3 different songs!

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Very cool

I like you animation style, very smooth. It's imressive that you have an animation for each letter and they are very cool. One glitch though when you change the music it continues to play the current song as well and sounds really crappy. Otherwise very good work.

rather-meaty responds:

Thats why there is a stop sound button?

Pretty Cool

It's a nice little game, and a pretty good soundtrack. I really only have one complaint - the effects seemed to get simmilar toward the end. Overall, GREAT JOB!!!


was better then the first time and fully works well done hope to see #4

I liked it for the most part.

Letters I liked: (11/26)
A - for awesome. It's fun to make them do the wave.
F - I like the falling and interlocking effect. That was good.
I - Love it. The dots become soccer balls and create great group effects.
J - Bye, bye, birdie! One of the more enjoyable effects.
K - Great explosion/reassembly effect. Again, really cool to view using group effects.
L - This is not impressive on its own, but the slinky effect it creates using the first group effect brings back memories of my Slinky...
O - Cheerios. The one and only. This was one of the best in my opinion.
R - Whee! Trippy multiple image effect! I love the chaos which ensues in the fourth effect.
W - for WHEE! Love how the second effect seems to emulate a strand of DNA.
X - I liked this one for the same reason as K (explosion/reassembly)
Z - This was probably my favorite effect. It's fitting that you would save this for last.

Letters I thought were okay: (13/26)
B - Sure they turn and rocket off, but it doesn't work so well in a group.
C - I don't quite get what you loved so much about this effect.
E - Okay. They explode. The group effects are also a bit buggy.
H - Fireworks are alright, but not awesome.
M - More explosions? Not the most original idea.
N - Kind of weird. It could've been better.
P - Look at those mugs. Seriously, mugs?
Q - I've always wanted to crush a q... wait, no I haven't. Ah well.
T - I practically sneezed.
S - Animation was kind of long and too MS Paint-y.
U - Like S, only a little worse.
V - Again, the MS paint was a little bland.
Y - MS Paint.

Letters I really didn't like: (2/26)
D - was pretty lame. All the letters just temporarily vanish when a giant car barrels through.
G - made faces show up and played annoying sound effects. Group effect number 3 makes a disharmonious collective noise (to say the least).

Ultimately, less than half of the letters had an effect I liked; however, those letters were so enjoyable to play with that I feel you should get bonus points for them. Also, offering 3 different tracks to listen to was a great idea (and a mute button, in case you hate every track).

Crunk fo' shizzle.

nice text effects!

i looked at this and thought, ohh, a free blam point, played it and thought, wow! It looked like it was just gonner be one of those "this is my first flash so dont blam me" things but it wasnt. It was good fun, the ideas were good. Try and make it into a game somehow other then just roll overs (game with an objective) and it will be really fun.


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4.53 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2007
3:28 PM EDT