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Hero WAR Second Impact

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Hello folks! Hero WAR's back with:
more heroes
more fight
more fun!

enjoy ;)



but why did link kakashi and naruto die?


INSANE! even more bad ass people doing bad ass mayhem!!

Survival score sheet and good series too

I have decided to make a list of all the few surivors of this series, by chapter, and as of now, Wolverine, and maybe Spider-Man survived the first one (Wolverine has healing powers so he is pretty much impossible to kill, and Spider-Man MIGHT have surived b/c in the rest of the series if someone is hit with an explosive, they usually were blown to bits he only went flying.) In the 2nd Impact, Ghost Rider, Naruto, Kakashi, and Jin Kazama survived. Ghost Rider was just knocked offscreen by a Fire hydrant, Naruto was flipped offscreen by Siegfried which did not LOOK fatal, Kakashi was hit off by Daredevil who WAS dead, but likely could've survived, and Jin was thrown offscreen (nonfatal). As for the 3 ep. Ghostbuster Venkman, Luffy, and (TECHNICALLY) SpaceGhost who was just captured in the Trap. (Luffy's survival is controversial as it LOOKS like he was decapitated but it was only the guy next to him, but he was sent flying.
That's the score of who's left anyone who has any problems...SO WHAT MAKE YUR OWN IF I MISSED SOME OR U CAN PROVE ONE OF THEM DEAD SO WHAT MAKE YOUR OWN LIST XD

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One of the few flashes i can see over and over and over lol

loved :)

who was the guy who summoned the crows?

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Mar 26, 2007
2:27 PM EDT