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The Ghetto Ep. 3

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Had to reupload after I decided deleting these to make one, big one wasn't a good idea. Anyway, the third episode of my Ghetto series, will Splatter ever become a gangster? And will he ever get out of Bobber's pee? Findout in an episode I haven't started yet...

I'd appreciate if you guys submitted these to the ClockCrew Collection, thanks.


fuck yea!!!!

anotha 10 still goin strong man

Nice work.

Just watched all 3 of the ghetto episodes so far made. And i gotta say they were actually quite funny.

For flash 8 or w/e your using, you draw some pretty damn good drawings considering your only 14 like me. Loved the part "he wasn't that good of a teacher anyway."

Graphics were good as always, sounds were fine, sometimes quite hard to hear what they're saying but the body language makes up for it.
Hence why i give 10 for style.
No interactivity involved so 0 but that doesn't matter, it's a movie, not a game anyways.
Humour is 10 because it was actually quite funny. Like Pandora-Productions said, definetly deserves it's place in the Clock Crew's collection. Added you to my favourite author's btw.

Overall 10. Good Drawings, sounds fine, violence was in there, and nice style. Graphics were also good, no problems/errors with the submission. Overall a nice finish.

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Karnovor responds:

Thanks for the favorite! I'm glad you like the series, I'm in a creative slump with it right now, which is why I haven't really released the fourth one :P I probably will soon as I've got some pretty funny ideas for it. Thanks for reviewing!

Ghetto is great

out of the two mini series that your currently making this is my favorite, unlike Jokes at the bar (which follows a common trend) this kind of smacks you as being random and thus is far funnier (in my opinion anyway)

Graphics - 7
detailed looking characters and Backdrops and realistic looking pee :P and brillant use of motion tweens! :O

Style - 8
gangster clocks? nuff said i think... i find it incredable how you can give an object so much animation... really it scares me

Sound - 8
love horribaly monotone voices (cheers for the name of the program btw) and sound effects of gunshot head spatter were spot on!

violence - 6
hate voting on this... 6 due to suicidal clock :D

interactivity - 0
like all movies a play button and thats it

Humor - 10

Overall - 9
brillant... as with all of your flash animatons its once again at a very high standared, an excellent piece of flash work that deserves its place in the clockcrew collection

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Karnovor responds:

THANK YOU! I love your reviews! You spend time on them :) I'm glad you liek my movies, I think this was the funniest episode of all of the Ghetto episodes so far. I'm happy to hear that last bit from you, that is deserves to be in the ClockCrew collection ;) I hope I get into somebody's favorites for this episode, because I haven't yet. Thanks a lot! I appreciate it :)

Good Job (again)

Well then, I think i reviewed this already, but why not give it another shot. Apperantly i don't give the best advice (putting them all into one movie:P) but anyways, good job on it, the graphics were nice, and it was funny.

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Karnovor responds:

Thanks, Prozac :)

Pretty Good

I didn't mind this one or the other 2 but I really, really hope this'll go somewhere, it could be a great start to something cool.

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Karnovor responds:

:/ Y0u gave me a 5/10 yet didn't say anything that could give me advice to make this better...

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Mar 25, 2007
12:42 PM EDT
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