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[cc]normal day in the bay

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VOTE 5 If you want to join, http://crippincult.inform e.com/index.php?sid=9ce7f f8eb13eb4ccb80d58c5cbdb7c 68.

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Give it up already.

This comment goes to both the [cc] and the [kk] ... you guys made crews, immense crews, made up of alot of people ... and for what ... to create daily spam? Come on, the best award either groups can get is turd of the week, because you put NO EFFORT into ANTYHING. Come on, you have some sort of "talent" ... or not .... but whatever, just put more effort into your work , and stop spamming up the portal already!

JimmyDot responds:

lol actually this group is with 3 people. Oh and my goal is to get turd of the week. thx yo

Get your own letter.

Clocks too the letter C along time ago, I thought this would be a novie made by some of my clocky friends :(