Dark Who? Part 1

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Alright guys, this movie was created by the Delian Bros, and my older sister Rachael, who did the easing.


FPS: 18
Length: 2 minutes
Made With: Flash 8



^^Good Points^^
Ok, I guess you put some effort into this. Pretty much everything in it was pretty average, nothing too special though.

^^Needs Improving^^
First thing is the voice acting. Some is louder than others, which is annoying, and everything is very grainy when it plays. The storyline wasn't really that interesting or creative, very run of the mill. And please don't gradient fill darky kirby. Or at least not like you did in this.

InfinateLoop responds:

Yeah, we'll fix that in the next episode. This was just an introduction.

You had writers?

Sorry but the plot seemed like it was made up in a 15 minute period. The flash was simple, overused characters with an unoriginal plot.

The visuals were bland, recovered gradients and very poor shadow effects. If you want to use shadows, use frame by frame/non stencil 15-35% alpha.

You use tweens far to much in this, for walking cycles and what not, I really think you should adapt the frame by frame process more.

You look like you're keen into flash, and I honestly think you have the potential to make something good. You just need to space it out, spend the time on it and not get bored. Don't make it in a couple of hours, make it over a couple of weeks or months even.

Best of luck.

InfinateLoop responds:

Alright, this script was made in a 1 day period, I know thats short. How are Brandon and Jack overused? They're the members of me and VintageBro's Delian Bros. I admit it, I am a tweener weener. And this was made in 1 week. That answers some things.

That was ok

Good work, just recommend that you fix that shadow like thingy that is in from on kirby.

InfinateLoop responds:

Yeah, I still have to perfect my shadow technique.

"Dark Who" What?

This is a pretty crappy story, and you make no effort to make it meaningful or original. And what's up with the pulsating eyes? It was kind of creepy. As it is, the story and the voice acting both lack dramatic flair. Your animations are smooth enough, now just get a story behind that sucker.

InfinateLoop responds:

I'm bad at stories, I know.

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2.63 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2007
9:03 PM EDT
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