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From sketch to finish

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Author Comments

This started out as a test to play around with an animation plugin and different rendering techniques. Modeled in Rhinoceros 3, animated with the Bongo plugin using Penguin and Flamingo plugins to do the 3 different styles of rendering. Then of course, Flash Pro 8 to bring it all together.

Music by Simon-F

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Nice work

nice sketchwork it was a nice liitle animation, i wouldnt mind seeing the animation move abit faster though. other then that it was ok.

Speed up the animation just abit



we never really saw the 'sketch' and the object wa

I like the concept of showing the evolution in drawing, but a shield is a bit of a boring thing. I mean, it'd be so much cooler if it was, say, a guy walking along who's getting finished whilst he's moving.

That's what I hoped it was.

The first few lines did look cool and suitably sketchy. I felt a lot of the circles and whatnot seemed a bit too rigid and precise though - not like a sketch at all.

When it started turning, that was kinda cool. I think my favourite part was the middle, when you were sorta showing a texture in the bg through the shield, as if it was being used as a window, or a mask in flash.

The whole thing is definitely a movie btw. The presence of a 'scene select' doesn't make it an interactive thing really.

It's a cool concept, but we never really saw the 'sketch' and the object was a bit bland.

There were some cool designs on the shield, but watching it grow, and watching the lines slowly drawn in... a bit 'meh'.


Hey, this reminded me of my first submition here on newgrounds. The same scenario, I had this thing - it's not a game nor a movie, but I didn't know what to do and submitted it as a game. Big mistake - it got a shitty score. I hope yours gets a good score because it's very good, man. I like it. Maybe you should make a tutorial showing people how you did that (if you do, submit it as a game :) Good job!

TheJaredWilcurt responds:

lol, thanks for the warning


Why is this considered a game? It is cause you can click the shield icons? It looks like you have a very nice handle of graphics—I'd just like to see an actual game come out of it, you know?

TheJaredWilcurt responds:

thanks, I just added a "ps" statement to the commentary explaining that a moment ago. the shield was originally designed to be used in part of an rpg, along with another shield and several swords. I may end up colloborating with someone on here if they're making a decent rpg.

Really Boring

nothing special

Credits & Info

2.31 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2007
10:10 PM EDT