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Guide the ball through all 10 tunnels in this game.
Move the ball with arrow keys (in Ball:Revamped way) and use the spacebar to breake.
You will find the complete source code of this game, along with exhaustives tutorials about the making of a game like this one at www.emanueleferonato.com
Moreover, you can design a new track for the upcoming sequel and get credited.
Good play and leave me feedback.


okay one

that was an alright game. it was pretty simple overall and not all that much to this one, but it was a decent time killer and your efforts were nice. if you make another version of this one, i'd suggest more and difficult levels... that would be good for this one.


that jingling sound got heckuv annoying and the shield and brakes ran out hecka fast. I got bored on the first level, this is one of those flashes you should keep to yourself.

This was not worth playing...

no, really, if you're gonna make a game, make one that's actually playable. There were no diffuculty settings, and the time limit made you go so fast, you had to waste your brakes on each turn. There was no rewards in it, so there was no point in playing. Sorry dude, but this is bad and frustrating. ONE BLAM!


This is so incredibly frustrating!!! Why would you put such tight time restrictions to complete each level!? And whenever you die, you have to start all over again!? This is way too unfair to be fun. A good game not only provides decent challenge, but knows when to put a limit to the difficulty. I hereby sentence you to one blamming.

Very good!

Wow, that was great. I enjoyed it immensely. I'm happy with the high level of design in both levels and characters, but I'd only wish for more ... more effort going into how each level looked. Less two-color background, I mean. But that is just a small unhappiness - otherwise, this game is terrific.


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2.67 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2007
6:52 PM EDT
Adventure - Other