“A Leper’s Ball…"(part 2)

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Hrothgar’s Heroes
“A Leper’s Ball…(and other assorted body parts)”

Part 2 of 2

Lance has been ordered by the King to throw a benefit for lepers. Unfortunately, all he cares about is partying down! He’ll let his underlyings worry about the details.

This is a test trial of one of the episodes we plan to release this winter for our new series. It is a complete work broken out into two parts. Make sure you watch both. We welcome and encourage all feedback (positive or negative).

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Firstly i have to say that i loved the loading screen, it was really creative. This was a nicely done flash, you had some good voice acting and you were able to keep the jokes coming consistently. The things that need improvement vary, you could do with some more detail in your characters as it seems your detail is great in some characters but others that get just as much screen time aren't created with as much effort, also the animation was alittle primitive but you were able to sync up the sound so props go out for that. Overall i have to say i enjoyed the large amounts of violence and humor.


O-of-HH responds:

Thanks, we've goten a lot of compliments about the load screen. We worked very hard on getting the voice talent right and had it recorded in a friends studio. Unfortunately, we had to compress it significantly to get the lipsync right-and we lost a lot of quality there. This is our test run of a six episode series. So hopefully our animation will get better as we go along-any specific points in the story where you thought the physical movements could have been improved? Thanks for taking time to check it out.

Yeah... it was okay...

I'm not too thrilled with it overall, but you got your message across okay. The trial is complete. I hope you're not planning on waiting until December of this year to release the rest of these things; how long does it take to create chicken soup, anyway? You boiled the bones down into stock, so now you add everything you want stuffed into the soup and there you go, right?

Graphics got a six because the crudity of the display reminded me of South Park's paper-cut style. Sometimes it can get really cluttered with a lot of stuff going on. Even so, some effects as sprays and blood look exceedingly poor or botched. You might want to try different methods to pull stuff like that off.

Style gets a seven because you got chicken soup and a wonderfully silly exaggeration of medieval and modern stereotypes. It's very colorful and satirical.

Sound gets a 3 because the theme song sounds awful (though you're trying something; it just got mixed horribly). The voice-overs are okay--well-acted, poorly mixed. The whole sound thing has a major issue with mixing that needs to be cleared out before you even try releasing future episodes.

Interactivity gets a one. You got a play button in there.

Humor gets a four because the above issues with sound deteriorated any shot of me laughing. I'd miss things when voices went soft or the sound got cluttered. A few ambient sounds like rats and a heavier bass line for minotaur growls might have improved the ambience. I keep going back to the sound because it really was a source of havoc.

For both episodes, they get a four. There are several kinks you have to work out, but the style and chicken soup artistry are definitely there.

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Mar 23, 2007
1:43 AM EDT
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