Pigeon Psychosis

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A psychotic episode:
An exchange of bread crumbs for a human life.

Update: Thank you for Front-paging this monstrosity!! :D


IMPORTANT: Please make sure to click the API ads as the cartoon is loading as all the money raised is split between the Breast Caner Research Fund and the Yellow Ribbon Fund.

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I can tell you put quite a bit of work into this, good job! It's actually NG worthy unlike alot of stuff that gets throuhg. Good concept, good graphics, good sound and a complete, quick and interetesting story line. over all, g'job!

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sorbitol responds:

Cheers, matey! I really appreciate your review and you kind words.
Thankyou, too, for the score!

About time I see something good on the portal!

Thank you for a great flash. Overall, I thought it was really awesome. I enjoyed the originality of the story and the unique animation style. Great job dude.

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sorbitol responds:

Thankyou for the great review! I wasn't expecting a 10! You are most gracious! If you ever need a friend just ask...

Good Pigeon

Pigeons can be your friends, just be careful cause they might shit on you.

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sorbitol responds:

Apparentley, pigeons only shit when they are flying over light coloured surfaces. The reason, so I've been told, is because they mistake light colours for the sea, espescially if the surface is reflective. That's why they are likely to shit on lighter colured cars more often than they do dark.
I'm not to sure how accurate this "fact" is but I heard it from a reasonabley reliable source.
Regardless, thank you for the review and generous score! Cheers!

Original and nice.

Graphics - Well done and original. Though instead of using a single perspective of the pigeon as he flies towards the ambulance you might use two or three to show the camera's movement.

Style - All of your own, clean cut and well done. It could use some refinement in facial expression.

Sound - Clean. You need to go to a lawn and garden shop and record a chainsaw revving up. :P I think that a proper chainsaw sound would positively effect this work.

Violence - Someone got delimbed and died. No more need I say.

Humour - Nice little story, while I didn't laugh I can certainly appreciate the humour.

Overall - I gave you a seven bacause there is room for improvement across the board and because it was a well done, cohesive work. Nice job and keep it up.

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sorbitol responds:

Thank you for your comprehensive review.
I really appreciate reviews like this and I will take on board your suggestions.
Thank you once again.

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3.93 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2007
12:26 AM EDT
Comedy - Original