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Redmen Battle

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Hello Newgrounds! this Is my first submission EVER and frankly I like it. I figure that the concept of one guy killing a bunch of other guys never gets old am I right? lol! anyway, I hope you all like it. please rate fairly so I can make the next one better, tips welcome! by the way, check out bluemen battle (who's creator said that it was ok to make this), by chrome demon. enjoy!



That's probably what the rough draft of the Xiao Xiao series looked like. It's alright.


Its good, average, nothing sooooo amazing but impressing,

It was okay but...

I didn't expect it to be like that. You rated it wrong. Its not like there's any blood or violance. well mabie super mild violance but anyone can watch it. plus at the end it said "to be C".

this is great

i know it's not a parody of them, but it might as well be!! it's awesome compaered to them and they kick ass!


I thought it was pretty cool, and the music suited it in the last scene. By the way, u asked where 2 get sound effects right? the easiest way to is to type in a google search 'sound effects'. thats what i do and i got tones of em. anyway, nice work.

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2.48 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2007
5:44 PM EDT
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