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Hey, tax time is right around the corner. As if you care!Taxes stressing you out? Feel better by smacking around our virtual accountant. The more he takes out of your pocket the better you will feel after a good throwdown.


Targetting A Little Off...

Shouldn't we be punching out an IRS agent instead of an accountant? Sure, they both make money scamming the American people, but at least the accountant copes with the law instead of enforcing it! :-)


that felt good. I really needed to hit something and that was perfect. a little too simple, but a nice timewaster. good for dealing with a little rage, and i dont even pay fucking taxes!


truley is wasnt that good. its only 15 seconds long and u have a bland, lame lookin 1 button attack system so basically it sucks. u should try makin it last alot longer and have more interactions. lata

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Your reviews are Tax Deductible

Since there are some reviews that make no sense and I am sure there will be many more we gave you 10's across the board

30,60 seconds is the typical timer but I see you added random things in the time and you don’t want a beat to the max tax man way before time runs out which is why I felt time wasn’t a issue since you planed the max level of ass kicking to be accomplished in 15 seconds.

Very clean looking nice flash I didn’t feel like I wasted my time playing it like anything done by the clock crew which I wished all that clock robot talking crap that was funny the first time you hear it will never come back on newgrounds again and for those who don’t know of it watching it only makes you dumber.

you need more than 15 seconds

Not a terrible submission,but the time limit was way to short.anybody who's ever had to do their taxs knows how stressful it is,so obviously you should give a little more time.The reason I say so Is that the frantic pace with that rat race music,is stressful in its self,do better.

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Mar 20, 2007
9:39 PM EDT
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