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The Ascension to Funklord

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Holy crap! Daily Feature and front page! Thank you all so much for all your support!

While out one night, Mario notices a poster advertising ToeJam as a "Rapmaster Funklord." Mario very quickly becomes jealous of this title, and challenges ToeJam in his own club to a dance off to prove who is the true Funklord. Will Mario achieve the right to this title? Or go about his life as a commoner?

The idea for the movie originated when realizing that there are 0 movies of ToeJam and Earl at Newgrounds. Not one. I felt that an homage was overdue to the duo of funk, and decided to create this movie as the first Flash animation featuring ToeJam and Earl in the portal.

BTW, there's an Easter Egg in the movie. Try to find it.
Apparently the Easter Egg has become a hassle to find, so I decided to give a hint: Kitties and puppies are fun to pet!

The original sprites and characters of this movie are copyright of their respected owners

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Ester Egg

when is the short look though bar there are some cats drinking,click on the bottle or the content to look what happens



Newgrounds isn't known to have much funk referenced in the flash animations I see on here!

Anyway, I like how Mario and Luigi were featured on a Toejam and Earl flash. I also like the cameo appearances of characters such as Knuckles and Tails and Sonic and Toad and the princess and others. I also see that the strip club scene uses some building blocks from the game Moonwalker. I wish Michael Jackson made a cameo appearance in this; because he is a funk guy too, and he was in the Moonwalker video game and movie!

I wanna see more Toejam and Earl flashes made soon because I am so into funk.

I also like how breakdancing was incorporated into a funk stage. You see, breakdancing originated in the hip hop community back in the 80s. Also, I don't like newer stuff called hip hop that doesn't sample funk because it doesn't appeal to b-boys. Hip Hop was an extension to funk in the first place, which is why b-boys decided to breakdance to funk in this flash. You see, I am a breakdancer, and my b-boy tracks are funk or funk-based, but just any hip hop because hip hop is so subjective because of record companies using popular genre specifications as an excuse to reach an audience without regard to subjectivity. It is an analogy to how street racers are trying to "win" showing blatant disregard toward public safety. Anyway, Toejam and Earl are my idols, ao are Mario and Luigi. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are also my idols.

I blame the RIAA, record companies, and musicians for fucking up music genre criteria, I blame radio for brainwashing the mainstream into accepting modern bullshit that doesn't even meet the standards of the b-boy scene since b-boying is what hip hop was associated with in the first place with aforementioned details about how funk bleeds into its heritage. Hip hop nowadays just uses low-rent drum machines with half-ass beats and the song now just talk about money and bitches and sex and relationships; but if people have a fixation with all that, thats their prerogative, on the other hand its overkill on distracting your mind from the more important features songs have. why have it publicized? all we need is a good beat and good synth effects for b-boying. Thats why Toejam and Earl did it, and thats why I am a b-boy too!

I want funk to come back, I want Toejam and Earl to be in a new video game soon. The XBOX game they were in failed because it didn't have the classic funk sound people were expecting from that pair. I am looking forward to premium music that doesn't interfere with my peace of mind. I would greatly prefer instrumentals, because toejam and earl chose that kind of music in this flash.

Just say NO to radio, and say YES to Newgrounds!



That was so fucking funky I thought my nads were going to explode.

Also, I didn't know Mario did COCAINE!

it was good

i liked the sprites i knew all of them but the guy who was at the bar with the dog. who was that??? but anyway good movie.

evil-kefka responds:

That, my friend, is Shadow from the game Final Fantasy III, with his dog Interceptor.

Ha good job

Great job it deserved front page. The animation is really slick. And the sound is very good quality. Its a good flash overall.