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pointout's 1: buttons

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pointout's tutorials 1: buttons. please comment on tutorials you want to see or e-mail me more ideas for the show. enjoy it!!!

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cool tutorial

that was a pretty cool tutorial. it had some nice pointers to it,a good concept to it, and you put a pretty good effort into this one. if this one is "1"... i look forward to seeing more if you make more... you have some pretty good and noticeable talents.


Awesome flash! This is the kind of creative stuff Newgrounds needs. =) Two problems... unfortunately, they are major ones that really hurt the functionality of this flash. Overall, the main purpose of a tutorial should be to teach... entertainment value in a tutorial is a godsend these days, but you may as well just have created a random cartoon if entertainment was the focus.

1) I didn't see a summary/topics covered list. If there is one, it isn't prominent enough. Since there is no explanation in the title to help us figure out what we are going to learn by watching, this list is doubly important. Someone trying to find specific information will probably skip over your tutorial entirely because they won't be sure if your tut is relevant or not.
2) There is no navigation during the tutorial. It plays more like a movie. The intro was great and the little animations and voices during steps is great also, but where's the PAUSE between steps? Someone actually trying to follow along with your tutorial is going to have a very hard time. What if someone wanted to go back to a previous step because he or she made a mistake? Each 'step' needs to be it's own mini-scene so the viewer can flip forward and backward through the tutorial. And we need to be able to skip the intro so people can go through the tutorial multiple times without going a little insane.

Mepho-Sophilist responds:

thanks a lot for the review. I see all these as valid points. I should have put a pause button and back. I did a rush job. I did all this in 3 days. I see people kinda like it but a score of 3.3780. I think I need to rethink the next movie I make. thanks


That was so cool must have took ages 2 make , great sound and graphics 5/5

Very cool.

Congratulations on making the FIRST flash tutorial I have ever watched in its entirety.

I'm not a Flash creator, nor do I have any particular plans on becoming one, but if I ever do, I'll know how to make a button.

So, thanks.

And good job!


That was awesome

and quite true. Very funny. But I can't tell if this is a series or if it's just a very entertaining tutorial? If it's just a tutorial you should try soemthing harder, where a million copys can't be found in the portal all about the same subject.