Biff 'n Baff

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Hi everyone,
this is my first flash-game.
Its very simple, but i hope you like it.

Have Fun!



I'm sorry, but I really couldn't get into this. I think the main problem was that it was just too simple. I don't like the idea of just moving these guys around over and over. It's amazing how you're able to make this fairly complicated. I will give you that. I just don't care for the gameplay.

I'm somewhat impressed at all the other games you made in this series. The music is alright. There's just nothing too distinct about it. The names are kind of funny. The space junk does kind of contrast well with their appearances.

Nice idea but boring

Very nice job. however it needs more. add keys to do stuff- like shoot or dissapear for a sec- shield- stuff like that. and more sound- u have a good song- and that's it. good job- but add more next time

Greg76 responds:

You were right, it needs more features and there will be another feature soon. Thought about it already. But now (after your review) i will add it. So, watch out for it to appear in the game in the next 48hrs.
Thanks for your review.

Very nice.

Once again, I am bested by someone's first flash. Man this makes me feel depressed. My flash skills are never going to be this good, and this is only average! Still, all kidding aside, this is a very fun, very exciting game. I liked the cute googly faces and the plethora of objects you need to avoid, and I also liked the music, which never got dull to me. The controls were a little tricky for me to figure out at first, since you didn't add a help screen. Actually, that's my only real compliant; add a help screen, please, just describing what you are trying to do in the game and how to go about doing that. That said, I liked the ease of the game, and the rate at which it picked up speed. In no time at all, I felt desperate, barely escaping from disaster at all sides. Good job!

Greg76 responds:

Hey JNels, thank you for your review.
Nice to read that you liked it. Just integrated a help screen (think it will help a lot of players). Working already on the next title, but there will be a new feature added i have not yet integrated into Biff 'n Baff.

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2.79 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2007
7:00 AM EDT
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