Life with a Wolf

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heh XD

was funny, nice graphic, but u should make a replay button.. like almost everyone said~~~~~

Nice but nothing special

I have to admit this is done VERY well. The backgrounds are all drawn in Photoshop or some other graphic program. Some backgrounds look pretty good and are nice coloured while others look like stuff that was scribbled pretty quickly just to have some background. Overall the backgrounds are nice to look at and everybody can tell it took some effort. The same goes for the characters done in Flash. It’s a nice drawn movie and everybody can tell you are a skilled artist but there wasn’t much going on in the movie. The guy is living with a wolf which eats breakfast cereal. Then we get some animation of the cereals flying around (which looks pretty lousy) and some animation of the wolf shaking it’s head pretty fast. You have the knowledge that stuff will get blurred when it moves fast and use a technique very common in animations for fast movement yet you don’t manage to make it work well. It somehow just look wrongs to me. Probably you should have tried to add just a little bit of hints of the wolf’s “face” to that blur/motion stuff like a fast moving dot for it’s nose or something. After the moving was over (it was pretty short) I was wondering: Hm what did I just look at?
And that’s exactly the point. You are skilled but there isn’t much going on and a wolf eating breakfast and tossing it around isn’t funny at all. So the movie leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth. A feeling of WHAT THE HELL… if you turn this into a full movie with a story and actual JOKES it might be good but so far it’s nothing and feels very incomplete. In fact you didn’t bother to add a preloader. So if you are going to turn this into a full movie I wish you good luck with it.

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That Was Great!

This was a pretty awesome flash, man! The grafix were done really well. The animation was really greatly done! Good style. It lack's sound. Voice over's might be good, but that's your choice. This flash was funny. Bad thing's? There was a looped ending. As far as I know, that's it. Just make a replay button, and you got really cool flash. Something I could see on the front page. Keep up the good work!

Nice, a few things

1. Good graphics and keep that drawing
2. Get rid of the scar thing that guy has
3. A bit of voice acting could help, or are you doing a no voice thing?
4. If its a series, it could be pretty good

But it was pretty good

Love it overall, just some minor issues.

Love the frame by frame work and character design. Backgrounds are well drawn too.

Just... try to add a preloader, and it would be better if the animation didn't loop. Use a replay button next time.

However, this is very good, and I look forward to whatever you got in store.

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3.60 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2007
6:07 AM EDT
Comedy - Original