SMB 4: The Beach

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Edit x3: you guys do realize that this is part of a series right? To understand wuts going on watch the previous 3 episodes

EDIT x2: This is not mocking d-day, its more of a dedication, even if its not great.
EDIT: Whoops, lemme fix the title
The 5th installment of god knows how many, Please review,

Dont complain about its length, I'm no Speilburg making 20 minute battles, just rate and vote fairly. My biggest concern is if sound delays, if so plz tell me in your review.

BTW, the Velvin Empire was made up, it doesnt exist in any Mario games, i wanted to be original so there you go.


awsome but...

where the hell is part 5?
it's been 4 years

BurntIceProductions responds:

Haha. My friend pointed me to this. I know I should get around to part 5. I really do want to continue this series. I have made several scraps that usually got nowhere. I will get around to it eventually. I've been working on music more then movies

bless those soiders that died for us

kjonex u are non human u hate the movie u hate your home land


This rocks yo!make more war videos with mario sprites and you'll bet you'll get a good vote from me!

make me wana cry

the best movie bout kk and mk and u remind me of those brave soulders on that day when ay all died i promote u to sergant frist class (in yow movie)

I hate it !

bad boats, bad MG, bad rocket launcher, the only thing as where good where the koopas >:C

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3.20 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2007
10:02 PM EDT
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