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The Best of Socom Squad

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In memory of the Socom Squad, we have created a single final flash to express our love for everyone. We love you all, socoms and newgrounders alike. Some thought it unfair to make a serious flash in memory of a spam group, but we like to think of this as a fair memorial.

RIP Socom Squad <:(

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I found this flash to be extremely moving, and it nearly brought me to tears. It's indescribable... there's something about it that demands a reaction from the audiencHEY WAIT A MINUTE

I'm not dead, I'm just being held hostage by an animation studio in Russia that happens to be under LollerCupcake's control ok. When the bombs fell upon Socomlavia, there was nothing I could do; my cage, which was kept in the Biohazard Chamber, has an automatic time lock. LollerCupcake fled from the chamber, and took me with him. I didn't have a choice.

I'm sure you'd like it here, though. Lots of good company. It's the world's largest underground insane asylum.


I really dont know what to say about your flash movies. Are you trying to be a wanna be fruit of the loom group or something of that nature????? I have no clue. Your flash movies are pointless, You make a flash movie about fruits holding guns separating???? It really seems like you're being a poser trying to be like some boy band breaking up.Also are you trying to say that your from socom on ps2 or something else???????? Kinda of confusing buddy. Its time to give it a rest because your movies belongs where I discard unwanted things. In the garbage. Nobody cares about your little group.

PineappleSocom responds:

ur naem sux LOLolOLo

R.I.P. SOCOM Squad.

I have no idea what the SOCOM Squad was. But I feel their loss all the same.

R.I.P. SOCOM guys (whoever the hell you were).


Why will you leave us with your brilliance and flash skills not known to any other man.WHY?


Well.......Um........I like the idea...........But.........If it IS your last why didn't you make something.......Oh, I dunno.......Interesting?