Zekoma: Part One

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The first part of the Zekoma Series.

This my first animation so plz only leave nice comments and adivce.


Practice makes perfect.

Practice makes perfect.
[This is duckyp from DeviantArt]
Anyways, I'll break it down. This is my first review...in about a year or so, haha.

Graphics: 8: As I said, shade. Otherwise, the animation for the characters, tweening, wasn't bad. It was good for a first movie. And don't stretch images, like the keyboard.

Style: 8: I based style on animation. Good job.

Sound: 4: Yeah, it was basically the loops that drove everyone crazy.

Violence: 5: Shooting and using blue balls of energy. That's a five.

Interactivity: 5: The play button.

Humor: 5: Some of the dialogue made me laugh, since I've heard the same thing so many times. Ideas will help you.

Overall: 10: 10, since this is your first video.

Good luck on your next part!

Ranos responds:

Thankya for that^-^ Yap the dialogue has been used before, but I dont know were XD. No one likes it, nooooooo one likes that annoying loop XD. Just a quick question for you, do you know were I can get a good music maker for free? Now its time to view you animations.

Very good for the first time.

You did an exceptional job on this with it being your first animation, but there was a ton of things you could of improved. One, the movie just seemed...slow?, especially since he was escaping. Another thing is that his only offensive ability seemed to be that he ate people with his hand haha. On the next one try and send out more than one "ball" thing. An example was when he was confronted by the three guards at the beginning, a nice big explosion would of been better. And three, try and pay a little more attention to detail, especially later in the series. As for explosions and such dont just take a chunk out of something, if that makes sense. Overall for all the effort and being nice because this was your first, I voted a 5.

Ranos responds:

lol, This comment was funny XD Every one sees it as only one move, he uses three in the hole thing, Sole obsorb(I spell bad XD), energy sheald and Orb exploion. His three new moves for the next one will be Sole Cannon, Sloe Blade and Area absorb. Thankya for your time and the review.^-^

Nice for an initial foray

I must say, I was impressed. Of the few rough patches, a few stood out. The first was how some of the graphics were stretched out, such as the keyboard. There were a few spelling mistakes, and for this I would recommend getting a microphone, and having some friends help with the voicework. Other than those low points, it was done very well. You should be proud.

Ranos responds:

Thankya^-^ Most people pionted thos things out but I already planed on useing voices for part two, Thanks for the advice tho. Me and the creators of "Lifes A Bitch" are going to de the voices for part two of Zekoma and Part 3 of Lafes A bitch.


looks very interesting, the characters were animated well. I wish the main character would use different abilities, or rather not just use that wormhole orb thing. great job can't wait to see the next one.

Ranos responds:

Thankya^-^ He will use more moves in the next one, like a beem type attack and an area attck but he still needs to learn them.


great story line probably based on shadow the hedgehog i guess cant wait next but u need more varity of sound anyway brill

Ranos responds:

Thankya, I do need more sound varity. One more thing it wasn't based on shadow the hedgehog, but its kidda funny how it turned out like that.

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2.35 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2007
1:12 PM EDT
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