Hyuuga Neji VS. Rock Lee

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Woah Dialy 3rd... Thanks Everyone

Hi guys! Long time no see...

After many months of hard work, finally I got a new movie, witch is my best movie so far and also my first Naruto movie... Two Genins from Konoha set up a Taijustu showdown to see who's better... Hard Worker, Or a Genius?
Gouken or Jyuuken...? Over 3 Minutes of Intense Fighting!
I hope you'll enjoy over 3 minutes of two rivals slapping each other!

So... watch, enjoy, vote and finally review!:D

- DuDuL

I nearly forgot...
Naruto Punching Sound Effects by


as awsome as...

well, third great job dude cite more

DuDuL responds:

As awesome as what? ;]

Thx 4 review


i am stunned at how amasing this movie is the best neji, lee fight iv'e ever seen in my life your a genius i know im gonna watch it again. Are you going to make more?

DuDuL responds:

Isnt its obvious?!

: /

When I first saw this submission, I was thinking Naruto + Sprites = ... 0 . However, since I'm not a big fan of judging from the title, I watched it, and, as much as it disappoints me to say, there's not much to complain about. Guess the only things I really have to complain about are: #1 - Sound transitions sounded very sloppy at times, and, #2 - WTF ENOUGH SPRITES ALREADY :P

That being said, Good Job. I'd give you a 5, but I hate Naruto enough to give you a 4 :P

DuDuL responds:

Thanks after all... i love ppl who vote fairy... only bit depending on their likes/dislikes

nice one

that was a pretty cool sprite animation. using someone else other then Naruto and Sasuke was a very nice way to make this one more entertaining, original and enjoyable. the sprite action was pretty good throughout this one, cool audio, decent humour and your efforts were sweet.
i liked this one, good job on it.. and glad to see this one win an award as well.

DuDuL responds:


Needs a little work.

It's a great fight but there is a few issues. The first is really the continuation of the fight, the caracters just do there trademark moves on each other and keep at it without slowing down. You'd think Neji would be really hurt, if not unconscious or dead after getting hit with the two lotus attacks and lee wouldn't be able to move after getting hit by the 64 attack twice. Also the change in music is too abrupt and we don't get to enjoy it long enough.

But on the good side, animation is great, the fight was intertaning and the alternate ending is a very cool feature!

DuDuL responds:

well you are first to dun like music
And bout neji... after ura renge i ereased his seal... so byakugan powers are fully realeased so he could keep fightig... and on lee 64/128 strikes wont do as much as on other couse hes only taijustu

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4.35 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2007
2:24 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place March 18, 2007