Hyuuga Neji VS. Rock Lee

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Woah Dialy 3rd... Thanks Everyone

Hi guys! Long time no see...

After many months of hard work, finally I got a new movie, witch is my best movie so far and also my first Naruto movie... Two Genins from Konoha set up a Taijustu showdown to see who's better... Hard Worker, Or a Genius?
Gouken or Jyuuken...? Over 3 Minutes of Intense Fighting!
I hope you'll enjoy over 3 minutes of two rivals slapping each other!

So... watch, enjoy, vote and finally review!:D

- DuDuL

I nearly forgot...
Naruto Punching Sound Effects by



Graphics 9- Great not blury sprites but in my opinion i believe you could gotten a better background to make the battle look more serious then how it already is with them going all out and also work on the rope better everysingle detail sometimes counts

Style10- Super concept with 2 fierce rivals battiling out in an advanced and original style but please reply and explain the end of rock lee didnt quit catched what happened when he flew up and all

Sound10- Extremely like naruto and brings the feeling into the flash and great use of japanese voices glad u used no english :(

Violence10- Extreme i was so amazed when neji did the rotation with rocklee in the air and then did 128strikes right there and then
and everything else rocked

Interactivity10- Very old with the choose your winner but felt fresh and not plain and good scene select and everything. ALSO when u choose credits why is it always neji credits????

Humor6- Gave u a six for rock lee's 2 smiles and the rock lee music make me think of the dangerous drunk :D

Overall10- Overall one of the best sprite movies of NG and you should make maybe a sequel with naruto vs sasuke? but it my not catch people's attention with so many of those but its just an option. So i hope y'ull make a next sprite flash and to help keep sprites alive and good


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DuDuL responds:

Great Review Thanks...
Graphics:... Yea i could use that... well thx ... next time i will

Style: so it lagged... after he flew up... he goes down with super speed smashing neji to ground XD

Interactivity: Well neji credits are cuz i fucked up Random Script... :P hehe.... well next time i wont :P

Overall:... hmm... read your PM lol :P

Peace out

It was one of the best ive seen

i like how you don't do the stupid you know NARUTO VS SASUKE!!! its so stupid everyone does that, what about the secondary and minor characters?!?! why does everyone do naruto and sasuke, without anyone else, it would be two 12 and 15 year olds fighting over and over and over and over and over and you get it.

DuDuL responds:

I wanted ... but in middle it turned crappy so i did lee vs neji... :D
Yeah i get it


this is great!

DuDuL responds:




btw the only reason lee ca nstill move after 64/128 palms is that he dont use that much chakra since he a taijutsu user.

PS:Lee can only do 1 ninjutsu...ninja art: wall removal technique(he goes and open the door XD)


i gave it a 20 star! fricken awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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DuDuL responds:

fricken thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mar 17, 2007
2:24 PM EDT
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