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Hyuuga Neji VS. Rock Lee

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Woah Dialy 3rd... Thanks Everyone

Hi guys! Long time no see...

After many months of hard work, finally I got a new movie, witch is my best movie so far and also my first Naruto movie... Two Genins from Konoha set up a Taijustu showdown to see who's better... Hard Worker, Or a Genius?
Gouken or Jyuuken...? Over 3 Minutes of Intense Fighting!
I hope you'll enjoy over 3 minutes of two rivals slapping each other!

So... watch, enjoy, vote and finally review!:D

- DuDuL

I nearly forgot...
Naruto Punching Sound Effects by

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Loved these as a kid

now i like a good pixel fight and this was epic and all but doesn't seem to well studied based on their looks and the desc this is them from the original naruto when they were genin which you might understand why that's important in a sec. starting off lee as a genin used the technique that tsunade and sakura (when shes in shippuden) use and that's having chackra in their hands to helf defense or offense depending on the fighters choice. it's referenced in the episode of naruto where lee stops saskue's kick and sasuke realizes the strong chakra built in his hands anyways point is while he may not be able to do ninjutsu or genjutsu he does use chakra in both opening the gates and his normal attacks. anyways neji used 64 palms on him and that for one shouldve dropped the ability of his punches by a little bit being bad at chakra and advanced in his physical attributes meaning he should still be strong however its when he opens the gates that confuses me. granted i get that the gates is the user forcing their body to the extreme o it might fit there but the fact that after opening the first gate and using primary lotus on neji how easily neji gets off the ground when it nearly took out gaara and that sound ninja not to mention naruto took down neji with energy spare which granted he had the nine tails but i think lees gate powers and lotus attacks surpassed narutos mastery of using the nine tails at the time so its just "weird" that neji survived taht attack even weirder that he could get back up after it easy i could go on and on about naruto logic but its just a fanmade pixel movie so i feel i've criticized enough also i mean no offense to the creator of this it really is epic just doesn't seem to follow the logic of naruto back when they were genin

if you actually read this entire thing youre a champ xD

Amazing as fuck!!!!
the song in the battle just u killet it!

OH MEH GERD MAN AWSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that was certain very good and it was spectaculair i love neji he is my favourite naruto charachter one of the best fight of naruto on newgrounds i have ever saw