Best of Friends ep.1

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This originally was a comic strip in our German text book, but we altered it a bit! Enjoy!



It's kinda funny cus I did the exact same thing when I was in Highschool. Instead of the German book it was our French book. We didn't import it into Flash we just wrote INTO the book itself. At the end of the year the entire book had a bunch of spoofs in it and the teacher was horrified at the intensely crude humor we used to fill it in. This just reminded me of it so I gave you all 10's and a 5.

Nice job! LOL

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german humor

well i must admit, this is better than the 3rd one, but i must agree with the last guy, it was a little funny but, not too great, i give it a 3

no good

heres my rating

graphics:gave this a zero since you didnt make them

style:eh not really sure how to explain it

sound:i couldnt hear it, and i know its not my speakers

violence:there wasnt any

interactivity:i give every non game flash a 0 in this

Humor:it was amusing but thats it

Really shitty

Heres the rating

Graphics = 0; Since you didnt even make the damn drawings. Plus couldnt clean up the mess you made by blocking the original text.

Style = 0; You know why!

Sound = 0; You cant hear shit, plus even if you could i still cant understand because of your shitty piss poor accent!

Violence = 10; For inflicting mental violence against me!

Interactivity = 0; You know why again!

Humor = 0; Cus it sucked harder and longer than a vietnamese hooker.

Overall = 0; Go do something else with your life! Thanks!

jarlathmahon1 responds:

mmmmmmmmmm.... Ur a 26yr old pikin on sum 14yr olds when u hav no flash uploaded urself. mmmmmm.... thats a bit hypocritical!


That was some funny shit, cept i had to turn my sound way up so i could hear it, but other then that it was hilarious.

jarlathmahon1 responds:

Lol. Wow, thanks. im glad u liked it & we'll b shure 2 turn the volume up nxt time!

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2.32 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2007
10:22 AM EDT
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