Baron von Brunk vs. Ganon

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After a long wait period, Baron von Brunk is finally back! Remember the famous Brunk vs. Sephiroth toons from November/December 2006!? Guess what, Brunk returns to duel Zelda's king of evil! Be sure to look for easter eggs and bonus material!


ha ha ha...

that was incredable funny how do you do it?

I'm suspecting.....

....That you actually DID get fan mail like that. it is just a flash though. However wrong it may be. Also, thank you for making everyone realize Ganondorf is a nerd. Your animation hasn't improved at all though. It really sucked......Great. Now I'm reminded of THAT scene again.

You're character is definitely not cool, but he's got the right ideas. Go Brunk!

Whoo hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That would be excactly what happened! And the scene with Cremia/ Malon was hilarious! Keep it up!

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another great movie... did you actually get a review like the one in viewer mail?

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Ummm... woot!

I liked this cartoon alot. I actually feel bad for the guys overreacting to something like a flash cartoon. It's a flipping joke people... get over it or develope a sense of humor.

Anyway, I loved how you were reading the exact opposite of what the letter actually said; that was hilarious. I was actually expecting another fight scene like in your other cartoon when you pwned Sephiroth. The whole... ummm disk thing was funny but I think another fight would have been funnier. The ending was good too... lucky bastard lol

Anyway keep up the good work and also... do a Brunk vs Shadow The Hedgehog... or sonic, or maybe Eggman. Just anything that makes fun of a well known character will work. Can't wait to see your next flash!

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Mar 16, 2007
11:48 AM EDT
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