Baron von Brunk vs. Ganon

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After a long wait period, Baron von Brunk is finally back! Remember the famous Brunk vs. Sephiroth toons from November/December 2006!? Guess what, Brunk returns to duel Zelda's king of evil! Be sure to look for easter eggs and bonus material!


waste of time

for making it for watching it and for even thinking of it why the hell wasn't this blamed i wish i could give this somthing lower than a 0/10

von-Brunk responds:

Too bad it didn't get blammed. Instead, it got an exceedingly high score!

Me > You


That suxed..... & how do U play POGS

von-Brunk responds:

No, the only thing that "suxed" is your grammar (or lack thereof).

All your stuf kicks ass!

The weird ass approach you take all your movies in really sells me. Definitely one of my favorites.

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Errr. Interesting

I use to LOVE Pogs!!! Jeez, that was some good memories of crying mothers telling me not to play for keeps with their kids. HA!

Also, I was hoping you'd fight the real Ganon....the O.G. Pig Ganon that Nintendo kind of brushed away in replace for wtfGanondorf. I miss the old days where Link would be walking in the forest and get attacked by Pig Soldiers with Spears. Anyway, very random-styled humor flash once again. Pretty good and one question....are you Amish in real life or is that a running joke?

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haha... wow

I thought this was very funny. Especially since Link seemed to be very similar to sephiroth in your last one, but he wasn't a jerk. I also love the screen showed Ganondorf, then Baron Von Brunk, then the random Link holding the kentucky fried chicken bucket

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Mar 16, 2007
11:48 AM EDT
Comedy - Original