Baron von Brunk vs. Ganon

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After a long wait period, Baron von Brunk is finally back! Remember the famous Brunk vs. Sephiroth toons from November/December 2006!? Guess what, Brunk returns to duel Zelda's king of evil! Be sure to look for easter eggs and bonus material!


Hatin on the tard reviews

durp durp you like made fun of my favorite fictional not real characters, im so enraged that i could beat my family because of this kookie flash that has nothing to do with me at all. -NGFreak7496

Me- nice bro got to hand it to ya wasent expecting malon at the end rofl

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link had a sephy face lol

i would love to see von brunk fight
akatsuki,espada,and org 13 because i know any thing you made is funny as heck

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it's not ok for me

i hate it you made some of my favorite charaters look bad colonel sander malon link
you make the zelda games look bad you made me so mad i could just slap my lil sister across the face over and over again

von-Brunk responds:

Did they teach you guys about punctuation in school yet? I mean, how old are you--7, 8?


Baron von Brunk rules. I loved how after Ganon tells him what he's been up to he just says "Yeah, that's great I guess.". I'm gonna' write a bunch of hate mail with hopes that you answer my cry to put Baron von Brunk up against Billy Mays.

von-Brunk responds:

We're actually making a Billy Mays cartoon parody soon! It's a secret for now.


i like the deleted scenes so when others said i liked the ending what do you mean deleted scenes or when malon is sucking balls?

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4.24 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2007
11:48 AM EDT
Comedy - Original