Gov. Assassin - Episode 4

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Last Updated Upload: 17/03/07
Hi There.

This is the start of the newest cartoon I am making.

This is a carry on from the 3 episodes of Government Assassin.
However, it has been 2 years since doing the last episodes and now my skills have increased ALOT!

This is by far not the full version, but a small taster of whats expected to come in the near future.



Im glad that you have decided to continue on from a series you started awhile back but a few notes before you submit your newest installment, besides the graphics and decent animation it is missing a whole category by not having any sound in it, i was expecting for at least a gunfire sound when the character started shooting but was disappointed by the quietness. I like the concept and if you direct it properly it'll come out as an interesting action packed flash.


Not bad

Seriously the lack of sound is what is hurting this movie you need sounds. Since it's not the full version it's ok there is potential in this but you need to add a few things. First thing being sound, second maybe make it more exciting cause right now it's just scrolling from left to right wich is kinda boring unless there is some insane action. Try making the blood look a lil more like....blood! Other than that the animation is smooth and the drawing is good. Has potential but definitly needs some improvements.

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hey, great try

even though its short... it is very interesting... it will b a good series once it gets to "full speed"... keep improving man, add some sound and maybe a little longer....

also, think about adding a bullet time and clean slowmotions with some music that can go with it, that plus the plot and some improved graphics and VOILA! a steady clean good flash that you can b proud of! I see effort and that's the most important thing...

keep it going thou, I'll b looking forward for it!
**thumbs up**

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Broomvideos responds:

aww well thanks :)

Yeh, I've planned a few bulletime things to go ahead in the cartoon etc which should be good when it gets released fully.


a not bad flash

but needed some sound, and maybe a little longer? thanks dude, appreiate it.

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Broomvideos responds:

yeh thanks :)
i just wanted to see the kind of reception from the newground audience for what it is.

i will be adding sound when it fully comes out and it will be ALOT longer.

there will be a definate story line with many scenes.


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Mar 15, 2007
9:36 PM EDT
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