Tau'ri : Bedrock

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Gameplay sped up a bit :. please realise that up and down are also used? not just left and right mkay?

For anyone that doesn't like going to the help section, use the arrow keys, and SPACE to go to the ingame menu equipped with an exit and restart button :)

Also, 3 years is how long i had been programming at its release, not how long i spent working on this game :P many people seem to be making that mix-up ;)


Requires Flash Player 9 (note will be given if you try to open in otherwise)

Combining a soft body pressure based particle model, and a rigid body model with dynamic land and time based physics, its recommended that you do have a reasonable computer, although it should be fine on most.

AND NO, this was not a copy of LocoRoco, as ive said multiple times, i didn't even know it existed till i was quite a way through development.


it was good but it glicthed :[

i liket it but i got far on a level then the rock hacked into me and i couldent move up the hill

Cazy, little mofos!

A rock and a....well thingy was an awesome combination for this type of game.
A quite funny and entertaining game although some parts made me pissed :D

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I think he means:

"ArgumentError: Error #2025: The supplied DisplayObject must be a child of the caller.
at flash.display::DisplayObjectContainer /removeChild()
at Timeline0_49eb34df7392b94594801e20475 5495/g_main()

But if you dismiss it, it works. also AWESOME FUCKING GAME

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dELtaluca responds:

thanks, i've never gotten this error before so im not quite sure what to do about it, but if i find it ill change it


my flash player said there was an actionscript error.

dELtaluca responds:

And if you told me what the error was, it might be a little more helpful.


I remember when I used to post on the Flash BBS, you always seemed to be one of the "l337" coders. Now I see what king of games you can create with that knowledge

It's a really fun game, and it's the first time I see that kind of engine programmed with flash, so I must say I'm really impressed. I liked it, my only complaint is that in level 2 or 3, I had been pushing my rock down a few slopes, and we fell in a hole, but I was ahead of it so it made me restart the level...

Apart from that, really awesome game

Btw, is that AS3?

dELtaluca responds:


yes it was AS3 from Flash 9 public alpha, before CS3 came out.

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4.13 / 5.00

Mar 15, 2007
3:28 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other